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"Let there be charity so that other people may share my family's prosperity" - Shri P S Govindasamy Naidu


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Hans Karle President of WFME releasing the "Action Plan" 



 The PSG and Sons Charities Trust was established in 1926 based on the above sentiments of its Founder Shri P S Govindasamy Naidu .

Since its inception it has been contributing to the social development of the people in this region through its Educational, Industrial and Research Institutions. The PSG Group of Educational Institutions imparts education from primary to doctoral level in a wide range of areas like arts, science, engineering,nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy and management besides medicine.  With approximately 14,000 students supported by 975 teaching faculty and staff, PSG can be counted among the largest educational groups in the country.

As part of the Diamond Jubliee Celebrations of the PSG & Sons Charities Trust, the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PSG IMSR) was started on September 30 in 1985. This Institution has grown by leaps and bounds to become a Centre of Excellence in Post graduate and Under graduate Medical Education.

PSG IMSR demonstrated its commitment to improving the standard of Medical Education in the country by hosting the National Symposium "Vision 2020: Towards Global Standards in Health Sciences Education" in September 2005. It made the Educationists from the region aware of various efforts made to ensure standards like the systems of Accreditation and the WFME's  "Global Standards" . The Workshop part of it came up with "Recommendations to Improve the Quality of Medical Education in India"




 The Department of Medical Education was started within a couple of years of  existence of PSG IMSR, long before it was made mandatory by the Medical Council of India. It strives for improving the quality of Medical Education besides making the teaching Student centered , Competency-based and Community oriented. It is steered by a "Core-Group" of more than 20 Faculty who have recieved advanced training in Medical Education in India & Abroad.

It conducts various Faculty development programs for its faculty namely Workshops on Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, Enhancing Effectiveness of Clinical Skills Training, Research Ethics, Human Resource Development and Research Methodology for post graduate students and faculty guiding them in research besides Orientation sessions for Freshers to enhance their Learning skills. These Workshops have been thrown open to Faculty from other Institutions in the State.

Periodic feedback from students is used to revise training programs including the Internship during which emphasis is given to provide learning opportunities for learning skills & procedures required to function as a doctor. 

As part of PSG IMSR's Second Decennial Celebrations, it contributed to Nation Building in the field of Medical Education to host the National Symposium "Vision 2020: Towards Global Standards in Health professions Education" in which Deans, Medical educators and Policy makers like the MCI, Vice Chancellors of State Medical Universities took part and came out with recommendations to improve Standard of Medical Education in the country using the WFME Global Standards. . . .

The department is also functioning as South Asia Regional Institute of Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) of ECFMG, USA to train medical college faculty to improve quality of medical education and research in the South Asia Region.