8bfFilters for PhotoFiltre

8bfFilters plugin contains a basic implementation of Photoshop filter plugins for PhotoFiltre image editor.

PhotoshopFilters plugin for PhotoFiltre


Copy "8bfFilters.pfl" to PhotoFiltre "Plugins" folder.  Configure your *.8bf plugins  folders (default is PhotoFiltre's subfolder "Plugins\8bfFilters\Plugins", it will not be stored to config). Subfolders will be included.


Open menu "Filter" -> "Plug-in" -> "8bf Filters", configure plugins folders (if needed), then select a filter from list and click "Filter" button.

Please be warned: not all plugins will work, some plugins can crash. It's not a Photoshop, really. From about 100 tested free plugins (including Xero, MV's and other) ~90% works fine.
Even photoshop plugin displays full image in preview, if there are any selection on the image only it will be processed.
Layers are not supported. It's a PhotoFiltre restriction: they are compatible only with Studio version.


Last 8bfFilters plugin version for PhotoFiltre: 1.3 

Version history:

2012-03-18: v1.0 - First release
2012-03-19: v1.1 - Added custom filters folders configuration.
2012-03-19: v1.2 - Working with selection. NB: The filter previews show full image!
2012-04-18: v1.3 - Added multilanguage support. Plugin is renamed to 8bfFilters due
                           (Photoshop) copyright restrictions.