Tanahey Park Panoramic Scene


My childhood playground. Located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, this playground was named for local civic and political leader Martin F. Tanahey (1874-1930). Born and raised in this Lower East Side neighborhood, Tanahey held various public offices over 22 years. He served as chief clerk in the Labor Department of the State of New York and later became assistant appraiser of the Port of New York, the busiest port in the world for the first half of the 20th century. He also was an assistant government appraiser in President Woodrow Wilson's administration. In 1922, Tanahey was elected to the Board of Alderman from District 1, which includes the Lower East Side, and remained an alderman the rest of his life. Tanahey was a chief lieutenant of Democratic Party leader Thomas F. Foley (1852-1925), a saloonkeeper and politician associated with Tammany Hall for whom nearby Foley Square is named.
  Martin F. Tanahey died of pneumonia at his home at 177 Cherry Street in 1930. 

The square block that makes up Tanahey Park. Knickerbocker Village is to the North on Cherry Street. Market Street and the Manhattan Bridge to the East, South Street and the East River to the South and Catherine Street and the Smith Houses to the West


Mp3 player: In July of 2005,  I got together with my old  Knickerbocker Village (across the street from the park)  friend Richard Karney and we chatted with some current residents about the old times