Seaport Panoramic Scene

South Street Seaport Museum 11 Fulton Street Current Exhibits: 

There Once Was a Neighborhood:
Photographs by Rebecca Lepkoff 1937-1950
Rebecca Lepkoff, camera in hand, navigated the streets of the Lower East Side in the 1930s and 1940s, capturing the lives and times of a vibrant, close-knit and functional multi-ethnic community. These images uncover a forgotten time and place and reveal how the Lower East Side has both stayed the same and changed forever. 
Fighting Irishmen: Celebrating Celtic Prizefighters 1820-present
From ancient times to the present, the fighting spirit of the Irish is unquestioned.. And when the Irish immigrated to New York, landing at the South Street piers, they brought this tradition with them This exhibit traces the history of these fighting Irish, from the 19th century to the present day.

Panoramic scene linking a panorama taken by the Seaport at the East River's edge (about 5:30 PM in late March 2007) with a panorama of the Celtic Prizefighter exhibit at the Seaport Museum. The Museum is appprox .2 miles west of the river.

The Lepkoff exhibit is terrific. I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca Lepkoff at the exhibit opening as well as the book's co-author, Dr. Peter Dans