PS Engage: A tapestry of people and ideas

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Held on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, PS Engage was a one-day learning and networking event that was created to connect change-agents and thought-leaders who care about building a Public Service around people and knowledge. Some of the thinking behind the conference was explained in this blog post by Thom Kearney. 

This image, entitled The Prism, is a central part of a 77 panel Quaker tapestry that was created by over 4,000 people, across 15 countries.

The image highlights the extraordinary results that can be achieved when people come together and connect in a meaningful fashion.

In this image, light weaves its way through the tapestry, acting as a thread that joins together thoughts, work and people.

Quaker Tapestry Scheme ©

Fittingly, PS Engage is about weaving together a more connected public service by providing a forum where engaged government employees can share, learn and connect with each other.

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