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I graduated from Boston University in May, 2008 with a BS in communication and a concentration in public relations from the College of Communication.  I am currently PR and Inbound Marketing Manager for HubSpot, an Internet marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA. 


Professors and guest lecturers like Larry Weber sparked my interest in social media in the fall semester of my senior year in college.  Since then, I have become actively involved in inbound marketing and am now I'm lucky enough to make it part of my career!


I created my first personal blog, Pamelog, in November, 2007.  With the tagline, "mouthfuls of (social media) mutterings," Pamelog offered my insight into and experience with topics relating to new media's impact on public relations and marketing.  Since then, I have managed and contributed to a number of blogs.  Most of my blogging time lately has been devoted to the HubSpot Company & Product News Blog, and you can also find me contributing to the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Blog, which consistly ranks in the top 100 of the AdAge Power 150.  You can also check out my personal blog, Little Baby Lump, which serves as a virtual baby book for my new baby, Emmett.

Other Passions

My life is not completely centered around public relations and social media, although you can learn about most of my other hobbies through my social media utters.  I love running, writing, and spending time with my son.

I'm certified in Inbound Marketing via IMU.

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