Production Meeting Notes

May 29th, Production Meeting 2

Start: 11:00

End: 11:23

·         Director’s Comments

o   There are some spots on the set where the tops of the platforms are pulling up

o   The current masking situation needs to be adjusted

·         Calendar/Management

o   Media Day Tomorrow

o   Sitzprobe on Thursday

o   Lunch with the cast at 12:00 on Friday

§  Tech will start no later than 2:00

o   Dress Rehearsal: Will start at 7:30. Cast will be called an hour early on Monday

§  We will invite a few people Monday and Tuesday during the dress rehearsals

o   June 16th is the Bellefonte Cruise

o     Photo Call: June 19th

o   Will be doing a full run of the show on Thursday during the first session of rehearsal. We will start at 3 pm.

·         Scenic

o   The question with the mics is how much rigging goes into them and if Curtis can dig three more up. There are two sets of three matching

o   We have an old style of piano stand for Beth. She and Curtis will need to

o   There will be paint call on Sunday.

o   We may need to do touch ups through the run. We will have a better idea once we start working with the shoes.

o   There is an obvious spot in lighting the back wall where the bump out is.

o   The Beehive sign needs to be back painted.

·         Costumes

o   Shoes are on their way, and we have our last costume fitting tomorrow.

o   We will be trying out the Go-go boots on Thursday.

o   Costumes will be introduced on Saturday during the run and the wigs will be introduced on Monday.

·         Lighting

o   Ken is about half way through cuing the show and is in a good spot to finish the show

o   Light spill from the band should be minimal. But any extra spill can be taken care of with black wrap.

·         Sound

o   The one functional mic will be marked for the cast members to see in case one of their mics go out.


May 21st, Production Meeting 1

Start: 11:01

·         Directors Comments

o   Amy is very happy with the set and feels like things will go smoothly over the next two weeks since we will be just be blocking on the set.

o   The aim is for the show to transition through the 60’s.

·         Scenic

o   The 1:1 model is in place and should work beautifully as our set.

o   There is still a little bit of touch up on the floor but that won’t happen until after rehearsal.

o   We will be resealing later as well and at that time they will be adding some more luster.

o   There are still a little buttoning up to do with scrim and masking.

o   Only the sax player will be going up the ladder.

o   Curtis requested Val bring up one of the panels that will go on the front of the stage to look at to see how much light can bleed through and placement of speakers.

o   The corners of the panels will be rounded.

o   There will be something that is yet to be determined for the party scene. Though there will be a few mic stands.

·         Props

o   There are very few props in the show but once the show gets closer to being fully staged there may be a few additions to the list.

o   Prop add/drop deadline is May 30th

·         Electrics

o   Ken is more than welcome to sit in on rehearsal whenever possible.

o   Upcoming schedules will be posted on the rehearsal reports as to keep everyone updated in case anyone wants to pop in and see something specific.

·         Sound

o   Beth has requested the full 88 key board as opposed to the synth. We should be able to bring it down to the theatre tomorrow morning.

o   The band will be having their first rehearsal on Wednesday the 30th and Sitzprobe will be on Thursday the 31st.

o   A date needs to be set up between Curtis and Beth to get together to record music for the Bellefonte Cruise.

·         Costumes

o   Barb needs to talk over shoes with Amy and Jason. There are a few different options and Barb needs to make sure everything is in on time

o   Beth would like to know how the band should dress. Barb will have a better idea once she sees how much people can be seen behind the scrim

·         Management

o   Tech starts Friday with a 10/12

o   Instead of a matinee on June 16th we will be going to perform a few songs at the Bellfonte Cruise

o   There is a hope that we can have a dress rehearsal the second half of 10/12 on Saturday, June 2nd. It would be nice to have costumes Saturday night and wigs on Monday

o   There will be two 10/12s, one on Friday the 1st and one on Saturday the 2nd. Sunday is dark.

o   The next production meeting will be on Tueday the 29th at 11:00am in the CBT

o   Ronda will be serving as the company manager

Maureen Murtha,
May 21, 2012, 1:22 PM
Maureen Murtha,
May 30, 2012, 6:54 AM