PSC Result 2016 I Education Board Result I PSC Scholarship Result 2016

PSC Result 2016 I Education Board Result I PSC Scholarship Result 2016

Hi Guys, Welcome to PSC Result 2016, The First Public Examination in Bangladesh. The Full Meaning of PSC is the Primary School Certificate. It is powered and controlled by the Directorate of Primary Education. If you are Guardians of a PSC Examiner or an Examine, You are Eligible to know the all necessary info from here. Please allow us some of your Valuable time and Read the Full Article to find out more about the PSC Result 2016 from www.DPE.Gov.BD the Official Website of Directorate of Primary Education. Gain more about the Primary School Certificate Result and Check your Result First. At The Same SSC Result 2017 will be published. You Can Check JSC Exam Result 2016 Details Here


Primary School Certificate Result 2016:

The Examine and their guardians who are here for the PSC Result 2016, we are providing the all available ways which will help you to Check PSC result 2016 Fast and Free. You can follow any one or more ways which can found on here for checking the Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016. Remember that; some Information may require to check the PSC Exam Result 2016 from All Methods.


How to Check PSC Result 2016?

Do you want to check the PSC Result 2016? You are welcome on here. Get the latest ways to check your Primary School Certificate Exam Result very fast. You can Easily Check Your Result from the Directorate of Primary Education, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited DPE Portal and also Via Mobile SMS. All the available processes are very easy and different from each other. But the particular people like the specific way to check their Result. Which one you may use to check your Result that entirely depends on up to you.


PSC Result 2016 Check Online:

It is the famous Question that How Can I Check my Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016 from the

Internet (Online)? If you are also thinking about the Question, We are happy here for your kind for visiting us. Just 1/6 Visit the Official Website Address of Directorate of Primary Education or Visit the Teletalk Primary Education Portal to check your PSC exam Result 2016 Online. In the below, Both methods Description is available to provide you sufficient concept about the desire Result Check. If you have an Internet Activate Device like the Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Computer, You can Easily Check your Full Result from any one step from two.


PSC Result 2016 –

If you want, you can Easily Check your Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016 from the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited Online Result Check Portal. Just Visit and then follow the Instruction. After Successful Visiting, you will able to see a Result Check page where some Category available which you need to select for checking your Result. After visiting, First Choose the Education Type that carries the Information on your Exam Status. If you attend the PSC Exam 2016 from Primary School or Kinder Garden, Select General Education or if from Madrasah, Just click on the Madrasah (Ebtedayi) Education after Clicking, You need to Select Your District Name from the District Name Category. Then, Again Select the Thana or Upazilla Name after Selecting your District name first. Then, Select 2016 as the PSC Passing Year and then enter your Roll Number on the Blank box. Then, Click on the Submit Button to show your Result. You can also download the PSC Result 2016 Full Mark Sheet because while you will be going the Admit in Class six, it may require to Submit for your Result Verification.


PSC Result 2016 – www. DPE.Gov.BD:

If you fail to Check PSC Result 2016 from the Teletalk Primary Result Portal, You can now check your Result from the Directorate of Primary Education Official (Government) Web site. The System of the PSC Exam Result Check Government Site of DPE Result is similar to the DPE Result Check from Teletalk DPE Online Portal. If you already read the Previous Point Carefully, we hope that you have successfully understood and gained complete about the Answer to the Question How to Check PSC Exam Result 2016 Online or from the Internet. By- and


PSC Result 2016 Check By Mobile SMS:

The PSC Examine or anyone who want to check the PSC Exam Result 2016 from their Mobile by Sending an SMS to the Teletalk Result portal. After sending the SMS, You will receive your Result Instant after sending the Message. Do you know the SMS Format for Checking Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016? In this Section of this Page, we have added the Full concept about the Desire Methods for Checking the Result of Primary School Certificate. According to the PSC Result, 2016 check by SMS, you will able to check your Result very fast. Why so late? Check Your Result Instant.


SMS Format for Check PSC Result 2016 by SMS:

You can Check Your PSC Result 2016 from any Mobile Device which you are using now. All the Available Mobile Operators are Eligible to send the SMS for Checking Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016. Before sending the Message, Make sure that you already have sufficient balance in your Account. If you don’t have the Sufficient Balance in Your Mobile Account, Recharge Your Account First from your Nearest Retailer Point. You are also eligible to Recharge Your Account from FS (Mobile Financial Service) or Online Recharge Portal with your Credit or Debit Card or Master Card.


PSC Result SMS Format

Then, Go to the Message option from your Handset and Type the Below Info. After typing, send the Message to

16222. DPE Thana or Upazila Code Roll Number 2016; Example, You are a PSC Examine 2016 and Your Upazilla code is 7654321 and Roll Number is 123456, Now You can check Your PSC Result 2016 with your Mobile by Sending SMS with the Following Format: DPE 7654321 123456 2016 Then, Send the Message to 16222. After successful sending the Message, You will be charged 2.44 TK as the Service Charge for Checking Public Result by Sending SMS. You must require to maintenance the Guideline (Program Policy) for Checking Primary School Certificate Exam Result with the Mobile SMS. Read more from the below the Conditions of public Result Checking Method from the Mobile SMS.


Conditions of PSC Result 2016 Check by Mobile SMS:

While you are going to check your PSC Exam Result 2016 via your Mobile Phone by Sending SMS, You Must

Require following the below conditions: As an Examine, if you Check Your PSC Exam Result 2016, You need to Send the Message with Valid Info which we have already informed in the above. The Examine require to Send the Message after the Result Publish through the Directorate of Primary Education, and the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited DPE Portal. Only One Roll Number Allow in each SMS to Check the Result. The Result will contain with Full Mark Sheet Instant while you are sending SMS to check your Result. All the Condition of PSC Result 2016 Check By SMS is powered and Maintenance by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited with their Portal 16222. Teletalk can Change or upgrade the Process/System any time. Regular SMS Charge BDT 2.00 and 15% VAT, 5% SD and 1% SC Charge Applicable.


PSC Result 2016 Primary Education Board Bangladesh:

The Primary and Equivalent Exam Result is Control and maintenance by the Directorate of Primary Education and the Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. There is no Primary Education Board is available in Bangladesh. Maximum People do not know this. But here we are describing details about the PSC Result 2016 under Primary Education Board to inform the People who don’t know about this and also to the people who search by “Ebtedayee result 2016 Primary Education Board BD” or, “Primary School Certificate Result 2016 Education Board Bangladesh.

But, Now if the people will search for checking PSC Scholarship Result 2016 from the Education Board Bangladesh that Means from the Directorate of Primary Education, will able to check their Result from here. We have added all the process on this page which will help you to check your Result Instant with us when the other people will go here and there for check their Result.


PSC Result 2016 Full Institute by Institute Code:

The Institute Management team or Head of the Institute (Principal) can Download their Full Institute Result in a

Single Page. It is not so hard such as the PSC Result 2016 check individually. Every Institute (School) has a Iquique Number (EIIN) which is require to Download your Full Institute Result.You can also download the PDF File of our Full District or the Full Thana (Upazilla) Primary School Certificate Exam Result 2016. Though the Ministry of Education automatically sends the Result File to the DC instant when the Result Publish Officially.It is the age of Modern technology. When the DC Receive the Whole District Result file, He/She Forward the File to the UNO and UNO Divide it and Send to the Institute Contact Email Address Instant. All the Process will complete within a Few Minutes. The poor Examine who don’t have the Mobile Phone or Internet Device, this process is very helpful for these. There are too many Areas are available where the Internet Service too rare and the people of this Location fail to use the Internet. Simple logic is available in here that the Primary Students (PSC Examine) don’t use the Mobile Phone. So, they can quickly know their PSC Scholarship Result 2016 from their School.


PSC Result 2016 Full Mark Sheet Download:

It is very important to download the Full Mark Sheet of Primary School Certificate Exam because the Mark Sheet of PSC Result is Compulsory for attending on Class Six in any High School. You can download your Full Mark Sheet with the various system. We Recommend You download it from the Directorate of Primary Education Official Website DPE.GOV.BD. You can also download the Mark Sheet from the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited DTE Portal. But, point to be noted that particular Institute allows different Language. That means some of the Institute Allow only Bangla Mark sheet and some of them allow in English. Which one may you require? Confirm Yourself First and then Download the Mark Sheet. If you have a Computer or Laptop, without Internet, You can make the Mark sheet of PSC Result 2016 with the Microsoft office by collecting the Format and Data. Send an SMS from your Mobile with the valid info to download the Mark Sheet Plain Text Copy.


PSC Scholarship Result 2016:

The Primary School Certificate Exam Scholarship Result is the most attractive matter because maximum PSC Examine who passed PSC Exam 2016 with a significant Result. After Publishing the Result of Primary School Certificate Exam Result via Directorate Of Primary Education (www DPE GOV BD), from the Teletalk DPE Portal (DPE Result Teletalk com bd) or, various sections, the Scholarship Result will Release latter by the Ministry of Education. But, all the Examine can quickly Collect Result from the Internet from different pages.

If you are currently thinking about the PSC Scholarship Result Checking Method, Point to note the we’ll publish

The Full List of PSC Scholarship Result 2016 under 64 Districts in Bangladesh. You are also eligible to find out the PSC Scholarship Result 2016 from the Internet. We have added the complete Guideline and concept about the PSC Scholarship Result 2016 Check from the Internet in the below.


PSC Result 2016 Checker Android Mobile Apps:

We are very sorry to inform you that there is no Official Apps is available for checking the PSC Exam Result 2016. The Directorate of Primary Education or the Teletalk DPE didn’t launch or develop any Android Apps till now. If the Government starts any Android Mobile Apps for the Smartphone users, we will Include it on the here instant. But, too many Developers made the Apps for Checking PSC Result 2016. You can try installing the Desire Apps in your Browser for checking your PSC Result 2016 by www DPE Gov. BD. After Successful Installing, Try to Checkout


JSC Exam Result 2016 will be found 31st December from 2.00 PM Uuffff!! It’s really boring!! Our govt. should publish all public results like JSC Result 2016 as fast as possible on their official website But I’m so sorry to say that, typically we found our result in internet after getting it from academic campus. If you wish to get your ssc result 2017 from online then you have to wait for 2 PM. No matter waiting for 2 PM but the main harassment is that when the website shouted down for a long time.



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