Working Papers:

Productivity Dispersion, Import Competition, and Specialization in Multi-product Plants 

Mergers in a Model with Complementarity (Joint with Daniel Ershov and Jean-William P.Laliberté)

The Impact of Production-Focused Enforcement Policies on Illegal Methamphetamine Markets
        [Abstract] [Slides[Draft Available Upon Request

Are Marijuana and Cocaine Complements or Substitutes? Evidence From the Silk Road 
        [Abstract] [Slides[Draft Available Upon Request]

Estimating Productivity Using Chinese Data: Methods, Challenges and Results (Joint with Daniel Trefler and Miaojie Yu)
         (Prepared for World Trade Evolution: Growth, Productivity and Employment, Routledge)

Work in Progress:

Detecting Heterogeneous Pricing Strategies

Zeros in Market Shares for Differentiated Products: An Indirect Inference Approach (joint with Daniel Ershov and Mathieu Marcoux)

Valuing Reputation: Evidence from Online Scams (Joint with Daniel Ershov and Marc-Antoine Schmidt)

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