Pierre Dubois was born At Versaillles, the 4th of April 1981. He lived successively in Brazil, Antilles, then at 8 years old go to Pondichery with his mother and brother brother. During those 3 years in India, he played carrom as Bodyboard and surf with his brother. He played with traditionnal rules at home and during holiday in Sri Lanka.
He studied in The "Lycee Français de Pondicherry". In 199(, he came back to France with a board but didn't play so much. He played Snooker at this time. Then In 2002, after being Bachelor, he went To University to study Geology in the University of Orsay (near Paris). The first day, he found an assosciation in which everybody can play carrom. Some friendly tournaments are organized, he won this tournaments in double with a friend. He played more and more, discover international rules, then French Carrom Federation. He played with Bastien Houillon, Jerôme Wegnez and Aubry more and more.
In 2003; Pierre did his first official tournaments around Paris, anf for his two first tournament, his rank is 10 each time.
In 2004, he did an other tournament and finished second, defeated in final by Fabian Pereira. With Jérôme Wegnez they are very closed in national ranking during all the year. They discoverered the Arun Deshpande's video, watch, and watch again. At the end of the year he finished 2nd of the French national Ranking, and 21 for his first participation to the EUROCUP
2005, he won his first Tournament, then 5 other Tournaments during the year. In single, and in double (with Christophe Clapier) he won French Championship, then he won French carrom Masters (16 best players). He did his firs white slam in january 2005. Then he finished 14th at the Eurocup then go to the North of India (Orseens) then Delhi (Nizamudin) then, Amritsar, Kashmir, Laddhak puis Himachal Pradesh. During five weeks he played carrom a lot.
2006 : He studied to obtain good resullts to University, he got a "License in geology", Fabian Pereira leaded french tournaments. Pierre finished 4th in French national ranking. Once last exams passed, Pierre  coached by Arun Deshpande during a week (with yoga and training) is in great period just before the beginning of Eurocup. He won the Eurocup with a very tight victory against Peter Böcker, in final he dominated Steeve Collard.
Then he went to Sri Lanka with five friends to prepare the Carrom 's World Cup. But the preparation is not perfect because they can't play against best players. Nevertheless, he learned to play with acid boric powder which is very different of European powder (based on potato starch). they played carrom one week in Delhi  Delhi a Paharganj
He had to adapt his game to new carrom boards. His level is not this best but he finished  24th  (on 77 players) in Swiss league, then he is very near to beat Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka). With Steeve Collard they lost in Quarter final against Natarj and Babu. Together they played for the ESPN carrom world series. Then they go to Goa, and play in de Siolim , Arambol et Panjim carrom club's. Then they went to Bangalore and play with Mister Shankara in perfect conditions with perfect carrom boards. Then they went to Pondichery and play with M Kumar and ramesh. Now they are in Maldive, and play with the Maldivian carrom team.
Thanks To Benoit Bontout For Giving Info.