Choosing Equipments

Choosing Carrom Board

Choosing Striker

Choosing Carromen

Choosing Stand and stool

Choosing powder and other equipments 

THe above aspects are covered under choosing. If you dont have proper playing equipments then what to play and what to practice. If you want to improve your game then you should be professionlal like In cricket, While practising Rahul dravid comes in full uniform including all body pads, you can see where he is similarly you have to make your future by playing with proper equipments if you waana play the game.


Choosing Carrom Board

I will not say that use this company use that company, well for your knowledge these are some caroom board manufacturing companies i.e Cospo, Presice, AAr - Kay, Surco, Toy and Sports, Diamond and many others. Board on which you waana play must have following qualities - 

Good plywood surface(Just touich it), Must waterproof ply, pockets should not to large not to small it must be exact as a striker, Good nets, good wood, scratch less, properly design(lines circles etc.)

Choosing Striker


I have find two kind of strikers in carrom i.e Ball and masala striker. Ball is little bit heavy then masala striker. Best striker for me is masala striker as mostly champions also prefer this because these gripping is easy as well as double shots can also play with great ease. One more things the striker from side must be slightly round not straight because in straight sides the striker jumps more as compare to round side strikers. Dont use ivory it's banned.


Choosing Carromen or Pawns or Coins

9 white, 9 black and one red. Proper woody carromen (not any other stuff), proper diameter as given in laws of carrom


Choosing Stand & Stool 


If the position of Carrom is good then you can play a proper game on it, and if there is slope in carrom then it's hard to play on it. So to maintain the carrom height and position you need a STAND. The stand should be of iron or some hard material and there should be setting positions on top and bottom of carrom that you can set it from below carrom and from floor too. You can see in above figure that is a proper stand have Setting  points on both sides so you can set from floor too. Well i reccomend this type of stand.Its height not less then 60 cm and not more then 70 cm. Carrom should not place uneven or shaky condition.

Stool should be according to players height. Player must select the stool or chair on which he or she can sit properly and that chair or stool should be armless. Never practice on armed stool. While practising you should be professional. Stool must not lless then 40 cm. You can use pillow to adjust the height of stool. Stool should not uneven and should in proper condition.


Boric powder is best powder for carrom. Powder should kept moisture free and should roll in cloth or some jar. dont let dirt particles to enter in powder as a small particle can make the powder a hell as any impurity not let striker to move or drflection can be there. Dont use disc powder as that powder make carrom fast but the life of carrom decrease.



Proper Dress Up -

It is preffered to put on easy clothes like track pants, nickers as if Player's body is easy then his mind can work better. Player should play in shoes as footwork is important part(as told in sitting position). Some teams provide players T - Shirts and jeans well T shirts are ok but Jeans is not fit for player of any kind of game indoor or outdoor.


Power of bulb depends on atmosphere around as we know while playing carrom we must not use fan or A.C so if conditions are hot without it use minimum 60 watts bulb and if conditions are too cold then you can increase as much as you can(even 200 watts or above). Shade should be round and should place above the carrom. Height can be altered at player's request in such way that naked eye shall not strikes in players eye. Inner side of shade should be white or of light colour. It should square or conical in shape. Bulb HEat helps to remove moisture from powder.

Roughing paper and Ragemark - 

 Well these both are of great use these are Emergency Helpers  as if your striker or some portion of carrom not works then Roughing paper is the best way to make it work. Roughing paper is also called polishing paper to make something smooth by polishing it on.

Ragemark is used when your striker is overweight i.e above 15 gms then you can use this to reduce it weight  but you have to loss your design