CARROM - The Game Of Concentration


Carrom is a family of tabletop games sharing a similarity in that their mechanics lie somewhere between billiards and shuffleboard.Carrom is a game which check your control and coordination of your mind and hand. Carrom is game of concentration, devotion and have to play with sports man spirit. Carrom is a very interesting indoor game, originated from pool billiard about 150 years ago in Indian sub-continent.


The origins of Carrom are uncertain. Western sources suggest that the game is of Indian origin while some Indian sources claim the game is of British origin, But from us it is of indian Origin i.e. southern India. Yemen, Ethopia and North Africa are also suggested as potential regions of origin

These are, to say the least, ‘obscure’. The earliest mention of a similar game is when a game with some similarities was found in an Abyssinian Tomb approx 2000 years old (Indo-Iranian Culture).
How this game actually spread to the Indian sub-continent is unknown.

♣ In Greek writings there appears to be a game that confirms to the basic design of ‘Carrom’.
* Some say the word ‘Carrom’ originates in Timor, South East Asia.
* ‘Carrom’ means Malabar Coast in Portuguese. ‘Malabar Coast’ being the spice trading coast in India.
* In Chinese ‘Carrom’ means ‘Healthy Game’, which it most certainly is.

In the late 18th century the word ‘Carrom’ was changed to ‘Cannon’ in the English-speaking world and there used to be a game called ‘Carrom Billiards’ not so long ago.

Changes and Similarities

Billiards, snooker, 8-ball, pool and bar billiards all originate from Carrom hence the similarities.
♣ In Denmark a similar game called ‘Carroma’ is played with cues rather than fingers.
♣ In China also a similar game is played with cues.
♣ In Fiji the similar game is called Vindi Vindi.
♣ In Israel, Szhe Szhe.
♣ In Mexico and Java a similar game using bottle tops is played hence the different striking action by Mexicans.
♣ In Canada the game Crokinole is similar.


The game spread through various countries by word of mouth and is actively played in Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Pakistan, Australia and now the Southern and Western Hemisphere where there are associations and federations in many European countries, Australasia and the Americas. The reason we believe for the spread to the Western Hemisphere is the increase of Asian Origin residents in the west and cheapness of travel to Asia, intriguing holidaymakers.

Carrom can be played by two (in singles) or by four persons (in doubles). Carrom can be played in schools/colleges, clubs, hostels, at home and in sports centres. Carrom is not only a source of pleasure, but it also promotes friendship and understanding among the people.

The Word Carrom Is derived from word "CANON" means a shot. This game is derived from Pool or billiards. If you thought Carrom was only played only at house, look again! Carrom (the original Indian version, as opposed to the Americanized parlor game) has grown up, evolved to a high level of adult, tournament competition. Swiss, German and South Asian players of are well organized, conducting local, national, and international tournaments, sponsored by the International Carrom Federation (ICF). THe indian players Have powerful game since recent years as they are taking away all the international carrom championships but other countries are also coming forward in this game.

A combination of pool, marbles and air hockey, "international standard" carrom is to it's American derivative as snooker is to bumper pool. It still uses a square, wooden game board with four, corner pockets and is played by flicking a "striker" at the object pieces, resembling black and white checkers(Carromen). The goal is to sink your nine pieces, plus the red, "queen", in the pockets first, thereby collecting points. THere are some rules under which a player have to play this game, That rules which have to be followed are given in "LAWS OF CARROM" by ICF. The playing surface of an ICF, regulation board is extremely smooth, making it a touch game demanding a high degree of finesse. The frame is thick and hard, giving a strong rebound that provides additional fast action. And, the striker, which is always brought back to the "baseline" for the next shot, is about three times heavier than the object pieces. This greater mass permits a wide variety of "board management" techniques (the strategy of setting up future shots while disrupting your opponent's) and extremely complex plays. The various varieties of lovely Shots or Strokes are generated during game play.



The International Carrom Federation (ICF) Formation of an international governing body for carrom was first discussed back in the fifties, but the ICF was not formed until October 1988. Delegates from India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland met in Madras, India, for the first World Carrom Congress. The ICF was formed and an international set of Laws of Carrom was adopted.

Official Bearers

  • Patron-in-Chief : The Rt. Hon. The Lord Paul (UK)
  • Patrons : Mr. S. L. Anand (Sri Lanka) - Mr. Nazir P. Jessa (UK) - Mr. M. Ahmed Nasir (Maldives)
  • President : Arif Naqvi (Germany)
  • Vice Presidents : Ms. Elisa Martinelli (Italy), Mr. Langley Mathiasz (Sri Lanka), Mr. Zainal Abu Zarin (Malaysia), Sakhawat Ali (Pakistan), Ratan Singh (India), Billy stevens (USA), Vijay Sharma (UK)
  • Secretary General : Mr. S. K. Sharma (India)
  • Assistant Secretary : Mrs. Rohini Mathiasz (Sri Lanka), P. Krishna Murthy (Malaysia)
  • Treasurer : Dr. Zahir Naseer (Maldives)
  • Asstt. Treasurer : Laurent Prost (France)
  • Members : Germany - Korea - Japan - Bangladesh
  • Chairman Technical Commission : Mr. B. K. Harnath (India)

There are countries under International Carrom Federation are listed below ->

Affilated Units

  • All India Carrom Federation
  • Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka
  • Maldives Carrom Federation
  • Swiss Carrom Association
  • German Carrom Federation
  • United States Carrom Association
  • United Kingdom Carrom Federation
  • Federazione Italiana Carrom
  • French Carrom Federation
  • Malaysia Carrom Association
  • Bangladesh Carrom Association
  • Singapore Carrom Federation
  • Portuguese Carrom Association
  • Australia Carrom Federation
  • Carrom Federation of Netherlands
  • Pakistan Carrom Federation
  • Carrom Federation of Japan

 Associated Units

  • Dutch Carrom Federation
  • Korea Carrom Association
  • Carrom Ass. of New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia Carrom Federation
  • U.A.E. Carrom Association
  • Bahrain Carrom Association
  • Myanmar Carrom Representative
  • Swedish Carrom Association
  • U.K. Carrom Club
  • U. Can Carrom
  • Spanish Carrom Contact

Continental Units

  • Asian Carrom Confederation

    • European Carrom Confederation