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Other Groups and Organisations

BLT: The BISA Learning and Teaching Working Group


PSAI Teaching and Learning Specialist Group - the teaching and learning group of the Political Studies Association of Ireland. Further updates via their group blog.


ECPR Standing Group Teaching and Learning Politics - the teaching and learning group of the European Consortium for Political Research.


American Political Science Association - Teaching and Learning Conference pages.

Useful Blogs and Website

Active Learning in Political Science: is designed to help educators: build a repertoire of games and activities that they can use in their courses with a minimum of fuss; exchange information on active learning techniques; and promote the use of effective pedagogies in the political science classroom.It includes a Simulation and Games Index.
The Quantitative Methods Initiative. The ESRC's Quantitative Methods Initiative aims to improve capacity in quantitative social science and make best possible use of the UK's world-class data infrastructure. It covers the entire educational life course from school projects to postdoctoral research and all social science disciplines. It includes both research and teaching and learning