Eltham Park (PSA) Orchestra


We are members of a small conventional amateur Orchestra (ie, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion) operating out of the Methodist Church at Eltham Park, in Eltham, south-east London, which it has done for the best part of 90 years.

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Performances by the 'PSA' Orchestra are given at meetings on the last Sunday of each month (except August and December) in the Church at 3pm, and generally last for just over an hour.

Entry is free, with a collection taken during the meeting. All are made welcome, and we look forward to seeing new faces in our audience, though there's really nothing wrong with the existing faces.

The 'PSA' rather quirkily stands for 'Pleasant Sunday Afternoon' which defines our purpose to some extent, though we have been known to moonlight on other days of the week. The title stems from an initiative by John Blackham in 1875, - more on the 'History' page.

THE MUSIC we play is unashamedly light music, which we define loosely as music with a recognisable tune, good harmonies, well crafted and which does not damage the hearing. This includes a fair sprinkling of Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart and Copland to throw in a few names whose music fits these criteria admirably. Equally Jerome Kern, Albert Ketelbey, Eric Coates, Arthur Sullivan and a horde of others also fit the specification. The library is extensive. 'Classic FM' seems to have adopted some of our repertoire.

IN 1999, the Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) & PSA Society achieved a continuous 80 years of existence at Eltham Park, and to mark this, our Secretary, Tom Bunce decided to pen a few interesting notes.  I marvel at the incredible changes which have taken place during that period, affecting every facet of our existence.  I wonder what the centenary in 2019 will show?

Originally produced as a pamphlet, here is an electronic version – unthinkable in 1875 the foundation date of the movement.  Tom highlights our aims and achievements.