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Your Love Offering

Your Love Offering / An Original Work / September 13, 2011


Thank You, Lord, for Your love,

Dying on a tree,

So we’d be forgiven,

Live eternally.

Thank You for Your kindness,

Your love offering,

When You shed Your blood,

So we could be set free.

Thank You, Lord, for Your cross,

Dying for our sins,

So we’d live in vict’ry,

Purified within.


Thank You, Lord, for Your life

You gave for our sin,

Giving us a new life,

We’re made whole within.

Thank You for Your mercy.

You paid what we owe.

When we turn from our sin,

Your grace freely flows.

Thank You, Lord, for conq’ring

Death and sin and hell,

So we’d walk in freedom,

With You now to dwell.


Thank You, Lord, that You will

Soon come for Your bride.

Perfectly You made her

To with You abide.

Thank You for Your Spirit;

Our God, three in One,

Giveth us salvation,

Through God’s only Son.

Thank You, Lord, for Jesus!

He’s our King of kings!

He will reign forever!

Our praise to Him bring!!


Song Lyrics @ Public Domain


Sue J Love,
Sep 13, 2011, 9:41 PM
Sue J Love,
Sep 13, 2011, 9:40 PM