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Seek My Face

I was thinking today of the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ and how our desire should be for him daily, 24/7. The Lord then gave me this song.
Seek My Face / An Original Work / June 10, 2011


Seek My face; hear My voice

Calling you, “Make the choice.

Won’t you hear Me just now?

Turn from sin; humbly bow.

Trust in Me as your Lord,

Walk in fellowship with Me.

I will enter your heart,

Give you life eternally.


“Won’t you sit at My feet;

Hear Me teach; daily meet?

Won’t you pray; share your heart;

Let My grace now impart;

Comfort you with My love,

Give you peace from up above?

I will tenderly say,

‘You are Mine, I’m yours always.’


“One day I will return

To receive you, My bride;

Relieve you from your fears;

Wipe the tears from your eyes.

Watch for Me; be prepared

To meet Me up in the air.

I will give you a crown,

And you’ll wear a pure white gown.”


Song Lyrics @ Public Domain



Sue J Love,
Jun 10, 2011, 7:35 PM
Sue J Love,
Jun 21, 2011, 3:25 PM