Begging For Justice
The Silent Coalition
The True Story of Pamela Smith
Raped Behind Prison Walls

Letter to Pres. Obama, May 12, 2009

President Barack Obama
1500 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 

Dear President Obama and U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder:

I’m Pamela Smith. I am an American. I was in an American prison. I was raped repeatedly and tortured. You said we don’t torture in America. Well, maybe not in Washington, D.C., but yes, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was raped with a glass salt shaker. I call this torture.

How about reopening this case. Is this torture? Our State Officials have not been held accountable for abusing their power.

Pamela Smith
Begging for Justice The Silent Coalition

"This book is about a woman fighting for justice, her cry silenced. An inmate, abused, raped, whose cries were ignored. I took my fight to the streets with a Grand Jury Petition, after begging the District Attorney in Tulsa for help. From prison walls I took on the battle to stop prison rapes. I begged for help but my voice was not heard because of the Silent Coalition. The state employee who raped me was never charged. I continued the struggle for justice and took my fight to Washington. My book was inspired by the pain and suffering that life dealt me."

ISBN 0-7414-5118-2

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rape behind the prison walls