Playstation 3
Firmware 4.45 Update File 
(North America)
Here is the file!

What you will need!

SATA 2.5" Hard Drive (not the one currently corrupt)
Using your original PS3 hard drive or a laptop hard drive will work, I suggest a smaller drive.

USB Thumbdrive 256MB or Larger
Formatted to FAT32

Small Phillips Head Screwdriver

1+ Hours of time for installs and formatting

Steps to fix the problem.

Step 1 - Shutdown your PS3 by holding down the power button.

Step 2 - Unplug your PS3 power cable, and swap out the current hard drive for a formatted second drive.

Step 3 - Format a USB thumbdrive as FAT32 and create a folder called PS3 on the thumbdrive,
in the PS3 folder create another folder called UPDATE. (It is case sensitive)

Step 4 - Download and copy one of the files above to the thumbdrive in the UPDATE folder.

Step 5 - Put the thumbdrive in the USB port on your PS3 and boot up in Safe Mode.

Step 6 - While in Safe Mode pick option 6 (Update) and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 7 - Pick your system settings and enjoy :)

My Story

I was going to play Playstation All-Star Battle Royal, and it asked me to update.
So I did the update and it failed at 60%, the screen came back and it was just a spinning flowing sparkly ribbon.
The XMB never loaded and I waited 15 minutes before trying to shut down the system.
I had to hold down to power button down for 5 seconds just to turn it off.

So I tried repairing the file system using safe mode, and that didn't work.
Then I tried database rebuild, and that didn't work so I tried complete system restore!
This failed at 68% and after that I had only a black screen and no HDD spinning noises.
Trying to update using a 4.41 file would stall out the system, or sometimes tell me I need 4.45 firmware.

Using the Playstation Network Forums I asked around for a non-corrupt 4.45 file that I could put on a USB thumbdrive.
Finally a guy had one and posted it to Dropbox, now I was in business.
I tried using the file to get my 1TB Seagate working again, and it failed, so I figured time to try a new HDD.

I didn't have my 120GB that I got with my system, so I had to find my 750GB Samsung I had somewhere.

After finding it, I installed my non-OEM Samsung 750 GB HDD, and used the file listed above.

I had to put the file onto my 4GB USB Spiderman piece of junk thumbdrive.
I formatted the USB thumbdrive, and created a folder called PS3 and in that folder made another one called UPDATE.
Make sure PS3 and UPDATE folders are named in all caps.

I put the thumbdrive into the USB drive and hooked up a PS3 controller via USB cable.

I did the safe boot method for my slim PS3.
Restarted in Safe Mode

I selected option 6: System Update (or whatever it was called)

After about 25 minutes my system had updated and all is working great now.
I had to set up system options and settings, but it only took 3 minutes.
Now my system is running great and I can watch bluerays and play games.
I'll update if I have problems.

I'm going to try putting my newer 1 TB Hybrid drive back in and will let you know how that goes.

Ok, that didn't go so well. The PS3 formatted and reconized the drive, but on install it failed at 30%.
So I gave up on that drive, and decided to put in the 750GB back in.

Putting my 750 GB Samsung in worked fine, didn't have to set up a single option.
It was like I was just turning on a PS3.
I hope I helped someone.

So it has been about 12 hours since I did the tricked mentioned above.
My system is running great! With the new update from Sony saying they wont fix it for a week (June 27th)
I would highly suggest using an old SATA laptop harddrive or your factory PS3 HDD

You can get a $15 HDD that will hold around 20-60GB from Amazon, and get 1 day shipping for 3.99.
So for less that $20 you can have a working PS3 and  backup HDD for future use.


How do I fix my PS3 after the 4.45 update?
Use the steps above and the file.

Is this 100% foolproof, and does it work 100% of the time?
If you follow the instructions it should work fully, but I have heard from a few people that it didn't work for them, 
but they weren't any worse off than they were before trying the fix.

What kind of hard drives don't work more often?
From what I've seen 1 Terabyte Hard Drives seem to all have failed working with the new update.
Seems like the 20GB-360GB work the best, and 500GB and 750GB are hit and miss.

Why can't Sony just rename 4.41 to 4.46 so we can flash with that?
Because what ever the problem is in 4.45 wasn't in 4.41, so copying 4.41 over 4.45 wouldn't overwrite the problem file.

Playstation 3 4.45 OFW Download - How to fix your PS3 from 4.45 Brick - Repair Bricked PS3 - Download 4.45 Firmware 
4.45 Download File - Fix bricked PS3 - Don't wait to hear from Sony for an update! - Download PS3 4.45 Update File!
Hope it Helps!