PS150Q The Sunnyside School
Main Building                                                    Early Childhood Center (Annex) 
40-01 43 Avenue                                                            41-12 44 Street 
Sunnyside, NY 11104                                                            Sunnyside, NY 11104 
Phone (718) 784-2252   FAX (718) 729-7823                               Phone (718) 937-0296   FAX (718) 937-0298 

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Forms & Letters Sent Home

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Monthly Breakfast & Lunch Menu

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Student/Parent Code & Handbook


Parent Engagement Tuesday Afternoons

ThParent Engagement every Tuesday afternoon from 2:25pm to 3:05pm. 
To schedule a Tuesday afternoon with your child's teacher, please send a note to the teacher with your child, and the teacher will set an appointment for you.