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Welcome to my page. Enjoy your visit here.

My name is Przemysław Różycki. I'm an IT professional from Poland. I specialize in the technologies from the border of IT and telecom industries as well as business and financial system integrations. I'm good at the following subjects from telecommunications domain: IN, NGN, SIP, Parlay, JAIN. I have an experience in designing, implementing and testing big applications for telco sector. As an IT specialist I'm experienced Java and J2EE programmer and consultant. I'm experienced in BEA technologies, especially: Weblogic Server (versions 8, 9, 10), AquaLogic Service Bus (3.0), AquaLogic Data Services (3.2). I have some background in team leading as well as independent work for a customer.

Privately, I'm a happy husband and father. I have a wonderful family - wife Agnieszka and son - Antoni. I live in Zgierz - a silent town in central Poland where I was born. I like my place, and although it might be not very attractive for visitors, I found it as a good place for living and working.

My main hobby is sailing. My favourite sailing place is Solina lake in Bieszczady mountains in south-eastern Poland. I like also mountain trekking and sightseeing interesting cities and towns.

However I don't have much time for reading, I like it very much. My favourite literature kind is science-fiction. My favourite authors are Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick. I like also thrillers (John Grisham) and political fiction (Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy).