I know this is ambitious, but why not start now?  How can we help schools pull themselves up? My small contribution is to talk about it here and try to find tools that will help. This may take years, but why not start? If you have a proven strategy that has worked to turnaround a school, please let me know so I can put it here. I'm also looking for benchmark schools to study. My definition of a benchmark would be a school that was in the bottom 10% of schools on CSAP (or other state test) for at least 3 years and then improved to proficiency (Performance) for at least 3 years and has either maintained proficiency or continued to improve since then. After the move to proficiency there have been at least 2 different principals.

Primo sites

NASP-Listserv Recommends

  • What Works Clearinghouse - Schoolwide and classwide research for educational strategies.
  • Intervention Central - The key site to start with when looking for interventions.
  • Center on Instruction - Funded by US Dept of Ed. provides evidence based resources (studies, professional development, tools).
  • Schooltoolz - A resource with a lot of downloads to help educators optimize students academic and behavioral performance.
State and local Departments - Education Turnaround
  • Marzano, Robert J., What Works in Schools, Translating Research into Action, ASCD, 2003.
  • Winebrenner, Susan, Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom, Free Spirit Publishing, 1996.
  • Winebrenner, Susan, Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, Free Spirit Publishing, 1996.