Lori Ventimiglia

posted Dec 30, 2011, 9:27 AM by Rick Colo   [ updated Dec 30, 2011, 9:28 AM ]

I have known Rick since 2003 when he was on the Clear Creek School Board and I was submitting a charter school application to Rick and the board.  My experience with him at that time and ever since is that he is professional, organized, fair, thorough and kind.  Rick knows how to ask the right questions as well as how to find the answers if he doesn't have them. 

In an ironic turn of events, the charter school I founded ; The Georgetown Community School was hiring for a principal in our second year of operation and Rick Winter applied for the job.  It was clear to our founding board- from having gone through the previous process with Rick- that he had all the skills and charactaristics necessary for this position and that his loyalty, work ethic and heart of gold would be hard to find in anyone else. 

As Principal of Georgetown Community School, I watched Rick think on his feet, while navigating the myriad of demands entailed in such a position.  Rick knew how to use his resources and find creative solutions to problems.  At Georgetown Community School, our Mission Statement is "It's All About the Kids!"- Rick exemplified this statement and inspired others to do so as well.

Lori Ventimiglia
Founder and Past Board President of Georgetown Community School
Founder/Director  SolTribe

Jim Leonard

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Rick Winter is one of those amazing persons who can point to the stands (a seemingly impossible goal) and then hit the ball there. He led the Georgetown Charter School all the way from inception to a John Irwin Award winner (among top 8% of Colorado elementary schools). Rick has always been forward-looking and innovative. He demonstrated this on the Clear Creek School District Board of Education and as the principal/leader of the Georgetown school. His core value in all education-related activities: do what’s best for the students.

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