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Time for School

posted Feb 18, 2012, 9:01 AM by Rick Colo
The purpose of this portion of the blog is to discuss idea time and scheduling for school. What is the right amount of mix between time "on" and time "off" as far as teaching vs. weekends, holidays, breaks, and "summer" vacation? Is vacation a cultural construct or how much is really needed for learning? 

The above link is from ScienceDaily -- an article about the importance of practice in memory. I know when I forget a student's name, I will say it 10 times. I've begun to tell the student what I'm doing so they know the trick too. 

The Direct Instruction method I learned has a lot of repetition built into a lesson. Have the students repeat the fact or item you want the students to know at least 3 times. Quiz one of the students on the item. If that person gets it wrong, repeat it again 3 times and then quiz again. The way you repeat is not always the same. You say, "2+2=4." Please repeat together. 2+2=4. Repeat again. One more time? Juan, "what did I just say." He repeats, "2+2=4." You add, "Yes, that is right, 2+2=4." The children have repeated this three times and have heard this six times. Then you ask someone else. "Violet. What is 2+2?" She says, 4. "Yes, 2+2=4." I've heard that the difference between children and how many times that you have to repeat can be as few as 2 and as many as 100 for the same fact. The number of repetition is a function of IQ and attention. Only after all children get the fact, move on to the next one. Then periodically review.