Leader, Writer, Trainer

Objective: Help students and schools move from turnaround status to excellence.

Management and Facilitation

  • Managed $1,000,000 budget during difficult economic times. Created 5 year model of over 20 revenue and expense factors to assist board in planning for future.
  • Led school board meetings as President and staff meetings as Principal. Participated in board meetings for 14 years (Colorado Common Cause, Clear Creek School District, and Georgetown Community School).
  • Have owned, operated, and managed own business since 1988.
  • Received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and attended Charter School Business Manager and other charter school networking meetings.
  • Facilitated over 100 community public meetings for successful bond, mil levy, and override election to build Clear Creek High School and help with district operating expenses.
  • Available to conduct courses in management effective use of software, budgeting, agenda building, and brainstorming (e.g. The 6 Hats, 5 Whys …).
  • Reviewed charter application for new schools and Unified Improvement Plans for schools in the bottom 5% of schools in Colorado.

Professional Development

  • Trained over 5,000 adults on computer software (Excel and Access focus on data management and analysis, Word and PowerPoint helpful for reports, lesson plans and review games).
  • Adult learning theory from practical experience and courses (latest was at CAEYC March 5, 2011 – Colorado Trainer Approval).
  • Criticism: Many teacher and corporate training courses do not model good training practices for adults. It is often a PowerPoint/lecture brain dump. Instead, what is needed is pre-assessment/post-assessment, tailoring to audience, think time, discussions, differentiation, and hands-on.
  • Available to evaluate professional development for various parts of organization and conduct classes for adults as well as children.

Stress Management

  • I have substantial experience in high stress situations (Principal, Teacher in highest poverty school in state). I’m empathetic and have a lot of experience with different people’s stress and thinking about how to manage stress.
  • Available to lead a course for employees and as a personal coach to help design a personal plan for measurement and stress management.

Data Analysis

  • Extensive experience and training with various assessments: NWEA MAPS, CSAP.
  • Statistics courses in college and by using Excel (regression, sample size, probability).
  • Experimental design as a science major (bachelor’s degree).
  • Developed Unified Improvement Plan for our organization which included analyzing data, determining root causes, setting priorities, and developing an action plan. Took classes from Colorado Department of Education and helped turnaround schools by providing feedback for their plans.
  • Available to help management and staff evaluate data and develop an action plan.

Lesson Planning and School Design

  • Colorado Department of Education State Review Panel for school turnaround improvement plans and Colorado League of Charter Schools evaluator for charter start-up plans.
  • Teacher and Principal for 10 years. My experience has been with infants, toddlers, preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school.
  • Corporate trainer for 13 years.
  • Familiarity with state standards, testing, courses and reading in Classroom Instruction that Works, Curriculum Alignment, Understanding by Design, Teacher Evaluation, Differentiation, 21st Century Learning, Response to Intervention, and Autism.
  • Available to review, develop, and write courses at all levels.

Classroom and School Management

  • Teacher and Principal for 10 years.
  • Courses and readings in Love and Logic, Medication Administration, Emergency Procedures.
  • Available for class and school observations and to facilitate brainstorming to solve challenges in the classroom, school, and organization.

Writing and Communication

  • Author of over 50 books. Produced staff and community newsletters and communications for over 4 years.
  • Produced and involved in marketing materials for own business, school, and school district.
  • Author of news articles (Colorado Statesman) and press releases and communication.
  • As Principal and School Board member- Point of contact for staff, students, parents, potential employees, community members, voters, vendors, GCS board members, county commissioners, district leadership team, police department, fire department, health department, and Human Services (early childhood licensing and abuse cases).
  • Available to research and create reports or publications.


  • Manager of 2nd and 3rd year start-up grant from CDE Schools of Choice and report for Walton start-up grant.
  • Attended Rural Development Conference, took classes, and did 2 minute grant presentation for 6 donors and received 3 green lights and 3 yellow lights.
  • Recipient of grants from Colorado Department of Education, League of Charter Schools, Freeport McMoRan, Anschutz Family Foundation, and Target.
  • Available to be a grant coach or help write grants. 

Career Summary

  • Kids First/PRW (Idaho Springs, CO) 1988 to present – Business Owner.
  • Eaglebridge International School  (Dandong, China) - 2013 - 2014 - Head Principal.
  • Voyager Education Services, Cambium Learning 2012- Learning Management Specialist.
  • Georgetown Community School (Georgetown CO) 2007-2012 – Principal and consultant.
  • Jefferson Academy (Broomfield, CO) 2004-2007 – Computer Teacher.
  • Clear Creek Public Schools 2000-2007 – School Board including President.
  • Lake Middle School (Denver, CO) 2001-2003 – Teacher of Science and Language Arts.
  •  U S WEST/Qwest (Denver, CO) 2000-2001 – Training Manager for Help Desk.
  • Pan American World Airways (New York, NY) 1987 Senior Financial Analyst.

Education Summary

  • Master’s Degree – Public Administration, University of Colorado, Denver 1989
  • Bachelor’s Degree – International Environment, Colorado College 1981
  • Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) Environmental Studies 1979
Summary by Date
  • Kids First/PRW 1988 to present – Review turnaround plans and charter school startup plans. Owner, writer, consultant and instructor of thousands of adults. Author of over 50 technical books and online curriculum.
  • Eaglebridge International School - 2013 - 2014 - Head Principal - Startup a new International School in Dandong China.
  • Voyager Education Services, Cambium Learning - 2012 - Learning Management Specialist. Created online learning and coaching Web sites. Facilitated virtual coaching and meeting via AdobeConnect, NetMeeting and other platforms. Transferred on-line courses from Angel to Moodle. Created successful Request for Proposals to state departments of education and school districts for turnaround services and professional development.
  • Georgetown Community School 2007 to 2012 – Principal of charter elementary school from infants through 6th grade. Managed $1,000,000 budget and 20 staff members. Consultant after I left.

  • Jefferson Academy 2004 to 2007 – Teacher of high school technology and Marine Biology.

  • Clear Creek Public Schools  2000-2006 – member, treasurer, secretary, vice president, president. Substitute teacher for high school and middle school classes.
  • Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators 1993-2006 – meeting organizer, books sales, conference registrar.
  • AGORA School district committee to retain students 2004-2005, member.
  • Clear Creek Education Foundation 2004-2008 - Member, fundraiser, grant distribution.
  • Clear Creek County Education Community 1999-2008 -  online discussion group moderator.
  • People to People 2003 to 2005 – Student Delegation Leader to England/France and Hawaii (volunteer) – monthly meetings, trip leader.
  • National Endowment for Financial Education 2004 to 2006 – PRW contract work. Created online education materials for Colorado Student Loan Program and copyedited materials for League of United Latin American Citizens, Native American Community Development Corporation, and others.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2003 Teacher intern – created documentation for photovoltaic cell procedures and co-wrote science curriculum on solar energy.
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Ecuador) 6/2002 - Ecology and Culture of the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Educator Travel Program.
  • U S WEST/Qwest 2000 to 2001 – Training Manager for Help Desk. Supervised, evaluated, setup, trained departmental technical and soft-skills trainers and employees.
  • Lake Middle School 2001 to 2003 – Teacher of Science and Language Arts.
  • Citizens for Improved Education 1999-2000 -  Chairman.
  • Clear Creek School District Budget Advisory 1996-1998 - Chairman.
  • Clear Creek County Imagine Education Excellence 1997-1999 -  Facilitator.
  • Clear Choice School Bond 1998 -  Facilitator.
  • Metz Elementary School Building Accountability Advisory Committee 1992-1995 Member and Chair. 
  • Pan American World Airways 1987 - Senior Financial Analyst.
  • Newspaper editor, advertising copywriter, writer (1977-1978, 1984-1985).
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