About Rick

Rick Winter lives in the mountains of Colorado and his family has been in the state for over 100 years. He loves to travel and has led groups of elementary school children to England, France, and Hawaii. Rick has published over 50 computer and children’s books and articles and has trained over 3,000 adults on computer software. During his tenure as principal of Georgetown Community School, the school went from average to receiving the John Irwin School of Excellence award, meaning that the school was in the top 8% of schools in Colorado. Before that he taught computers at Jefferson Academy for three years, was a training manager for Qwest Communications, and an English and Science teacher for Denver Public Schools. Rick has worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Denver Health Department, U.S. Forest Service, Pan American World Airways, and his own company. Before his stint as principal, he was the president of the Board of Education for Clear Creek County and was on the board of Colorado Common Cause, New York’s Victims for Victims, and President of Information Systems Trainers. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in International Environment from Colorado College and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver. Rick really wanted to write a children's book. He spent 13 years and had 113 rejections when Dirty Birdy Feet was finally published. 

The picture above is of children reading Dirty Birdy Feet in a school during Rick's visit to the Ecuadorian part of the Amazon Rain Forest.