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 Rubric for Where I Want to Work (2015.07.07)

Rick Winter Future Organization Rubric



0 (Deal Breaker)

1 (Tolerate)

2 (Good)

3 (Great)

4 (Dream)



Same boring routine every day

Same interesting routine every day

Different interesting routines every day with some challenges

Multiple challenges require my skills and experience to solve


Multiple challenges above my abilities and have great team where our diversity is used to solve problems every day. Ideas flying around and played with.



Negative attitude care less

Ignore employees but don’t put down

Some structures in place for employee input, collaboration

Equal partner with employees in coming up with good solutions for challenges

Inspiring me and others every day



I’m there because they need any body

I’m there because they need any brain

I feel like once or twice a year I come up with something that helps the organization

I’m often using my background and experience and coming up with things that move the organization forward

All staff are often contributing amazing things for the organization


Learning and Growth


Jobs explained satisfactorily, safety training will avoid major problems

Jobs trained well including health and safety.

I can create my own learning/growth plan

Continual job improvement built into employee development.

I can create my own learning/growth plan and company provides resources.

Every employee has their own learning/growth plan and is growing and are all contributing to improvements for each other


Ideas (money saving, increase productivity, …)

Ideas ridiculed, put down, or good ones not considered. People stealing ideas or grabbing credit

Ideas not really solicited, but really good ones used

Structure and system for some employee ideas

I’m in my natural state of coming up with lots of ideas

Structure/culture causes everyone to come up with more ideas they would have than in most places



I personally feel discriminated against covert or overt (age, GLBT, race, handicap, sex…)

See others discriminated against but some actions taken

Any discrimination dealt with appropriately and effectively

Actively seeks all kinds of people to help problem solving

Diversity is key to organization’s success. Structures to optimize differences and make org better.



Living in an area that is not safe and is uncomfortable and commute not possible

Commute to an area of need even if workplace is not comfortable.

Feel safe both at home and workplace and area is full of diversity and things to learn.

Can travel at least once a year to see my family or friends in Colorado.

Can often travel to see family/friends as well as meet new ones/learn about new places.


Education Connection

Education not valued.

Education and is a high priority. Perhaps org has major donation/support for education.

Any business where education is the primary service

Any level of education turnaround, innovation

K12 turnaround, innovation, significantly impacted population



Pay significantly less than peers with same skills. Incentives actually disincentives for employees.

Pay seems OK and fair. No incentives but no disincentives.

A few nice incentives.

I feel that incentives challenge and improve me but not other employees.

Paid for all skills background have with incentives that really motivate me and all employees and are fun.


Benefits (but balance with salary)


Substantial employee contributions for basic plan >=300

Great plan with substantial employee contributions <=350

2+ Health/life balance a key focus of org

Free Health, dental, vision care for family. Gym membership or discounts.


SO+me salary, but if living expenses covered…

Have to dig into savings to survive (20K), but see next >

Downsize house etc. (40K) OR great opportunity for future jobs (learning or employability).

Keep at current standard. (60K)

Save for retirement.

Travel 1 trip/year. (80K)

SO can retire, volunteer, do whatever job s/he wants. Substantial savings each year for retirement. (100K+)





























SO = Significant others who earn/contribute to household.

1 Location: The higher the level of stress in the job, the more I would need to be able to be with my support system (both professional and family/friends) until I was able to develop a new support system. E.g.: The highest stress jobs would be fine in the Clear Creek/Denver Metro Area.

Off to India on Friday (2015.05.15)

I don't know much except that I will be helping two orphanage schools -- one is a poor village school and the other is relatively well to do. They are both in Himachal Pradesh as far as I know. I learned that Shimla, the capital was established as the summer capital of British India in 1864. Shimla is one of many "hill stations." Hill stations are high-altitude town used as a place of refuge from summer heat in Asian countries, especially by wimpy and wealthy European colonialists.

Himachal Pradesh is the state second from the top of India.

Building Windmills on a Factory Floor

I'm not allowed to show you anything but stock photos. I'm working at Vestas and we have top secret ways to make the best windmills in the world. We're second in the US and gunning for first. Watch out GE!

Courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S

July through July was in China!

I'm helped set up a Eaglebridge International school in Dandong, Liaoning, China. We'll be starting with two 1st grades, a 7th grade, and a 10th grade. I was originally a consultant, then Head Principal, then the International Director of Curriculum. It was quite a year and I learned a lot about the Chinese way of education and management, but perhaps more about myself and our own way of doing things.

New school in China -- I'm interviewing for Principal position next week.Time and the Triangle Learning Academy (TLA)

I’m working on helping Dr. Dan Burke create our vision of a new “high school” (renamed the Triangle Learning Academy - TLA).

Picture all of the 9th grade in a school in Colorado on a giant treadmill trying to get to 10th grade. There's a teenager on the side in crutches who has been out for a couple weeks, another teen 2 years behind in Math and English, and yet another teen from Texas scratching his head trying to figure out where to get on. What we're trying to do is give each kid their own treadmill were the speed is adjustable.

The basic idea of TLA is that time is extremely variable because it is unusual for a teenager (any Learner) to be only in 9th grade for every subject and everyone to start and learn at the same speed as every other Learner (renamed from students). We're concentrating on maximizing instructional time at the Learner’s level, minimizing non-instructional time, and combining lessons through interdisciplinary focus, but will also extend the school day and year for Learners that need it. The high school (renamed Learning Academy) we're designing will assess Learners for 30 days on all areas -- academic, social, emotional, and physical and then set benchmarks for where they currently are compared where they should be for graduation. Then Learning Managers (renamed from teachers) would use as much of what we currently know in brain-based learning; computer facilitated learning and management; researched-based proven methods and interventions to empower each Learner to reach his or her goals.

For a great, in-depth discussion of extended and effective time, go to http://www.timeandlearning.org/caseformoretime.

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A visionary leader with grit who can get things done

  • Georgetown Community School was the only public school in Colorado serving infants through sixth grade and soared to academic achievement award status during Rick's term as principal.
  • After Rick facilitated over 100 meetings, Clear Creek county voters passed a mil levy, bond, and override.
  • Rick led author teams, wrote, and edited over 50 books, many of them first to market and bestsellers in their categories.
  • Rick worked 13 years and had over 113 rejections before his first children's book was published.


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