The Amazing World of Crows and Ravens

Finley: A Raven's Tale

An allegory of spirit 

Finley: A Raven's Tale is in the genre of Jonathon Livingston Seagull. Like Jonathon Livingston Seagull, the main character is a bird. They both share high aspirations and evolve. However, that is where the similarity ends.  

   Finley is a raven intent on living life on his own terms. He  learns to live within a man's world and adapts his life accordingly. Finley feels he is part philosopher and part dreamer. He lives alone, yet has many friends with whom he visits and socializes. Finley lives his life utilizing the principles he learned from his grandfather. His grandfather was an apprentice of the White Raven. The White Raven was a divine mystic who taught the true nature of the spirit. After his grandfather passed away, Finley felt it was his duty to preserve the teachings he learned from his grandfather. 

   This novel encompasses romance, adventure, spiritual and cultural issues facing contemporary society.

 Finley is my first novel, written before The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative. I've put a lot of heart and soul into this story, and as such, saved it for the literary avenue which it deserves. Since I was very young I was fascinated with metaphysics, philosophy, science and quantum physics. I've read literally hundreds of books within each those various subjects. I started when I was in grade school reading my mother's metaphysical books. I studied books about Edgar Cayce, Seth and many more. These subjects piqued my interest in the nature of reality. Eventually, I began to study quantum physics and scoured books on the subject. I could see how everything was inter-related. I still read and study these vast areas of thought. 

    Since I've published my first book, it has been quite the adventure. I've thoroughly enjoyed my book signings and meeting all sorts of new people. I've befriended other authors, who like myself, write with a passion and a purpose. I know Finley needs a more expansive market. Not one to give up, I am currently working on procuring an agent who sees the world in a different way. A world that is a canvas of infinite possibilities! Here's to my creation, may it blend with yours. Together we can do all things!



   “My destiny is no greater than yours.” I responded. “We all make choices which determine our future. You are all very wise. By passing down your knowledge like you do, you preserve our culture and wisdom for generations to come.  As a result, you are living legacies and should be proud. We all have a purpose and that is to make a difference.” At this point, several members came up to me. They patted me and offered me well wishes. After a few moments, Linnet called the meeting to order. We discussed how our life determined where we would go in the after life. Our fate is to raise our vibrations through knowledge and actions. She explained the rule of creation briefly and how it was a universal law for all living things. I remembered my grandfather speaking of this concept. Linnet continued to explain how we attract the same vibrations that we send out. As a result, we were creating our reality with every thought and feeling we generated. We were told that we never stop learning and growing and that gave me some peace. I knew that I would never stop learning, ever. It is my greatest passion. 


Within the realms of man and beast

   Grace met me on that promising day near the water’s edge. The radiant spring sun warmed me. My nervous anticipation engulfed my entire being. The tepid water lapped at my feet as I rehearsed what I was going to say to her. I knew I was to choose her to be my mate. Everyone knew it. The other male ravens didn’t pursue her because of this. I went over it all in my mind. I was going to tell her how I truly felt. How I wanted her to be with me for the rest of my life. I felt a strong burning within me. I was going to express my inner thoughts. How I sought a life that was on a higher level than the rest of the flock. How I was different and had aspirations. I knew I had to tell her and tell her I did. I divulged everything, the feelings, the desires and the realization that there was something greater than even food and mating. I spoke of a divine providence that reigned over all things. I knew that we had a greater purpose in life.  She listened politely while I poured out my soul. I told her things that I had never told anyone. I bared my soul to her. In spite of this she did not respond in the way I had hoped. Apparently, I spoke of things she clearly could not understand. Her response reminded me of flying into a plate glass window, smashing into the invisible barrier only to have the wind knocked out of me.


   “I couldn’t lose a friend like you. You mean too much to me, too much to all of us. You have done so much for us, now its time for us to do something for you. If nothing else, we can lend our support.”

   “Oh Finley.”  She was crying in earnest now. Grandma put her arm around her.

   “You just let it out child.” Grandma gently encouraged.

   I was at a loss at what to say when Grace walked near. “Alice, it is time for you to release your torment. I know how it feels. Emotional freedom is a total release from all that you have endured for so long. You no longer need it. You can finally be who you were meant to be without the inner turmoil. It no longer serves you.” Grace seemed to be at total peace with herself. I was in awe. Here she was teaching me. I loved her now more than ever.