Bus Rules

  1. If you wish to avail bus service from June 2013, you are requested to fill this bus service request form.
  2. Bus Admissions on first come first served basis only.
  3. Discontinuation of bus service IN BETWEEN THE YEAR will not be permitted. Discontinuation if required, will be allowed only in the case of following reasons.
  4. i) Cancellation of Admission  ii) Change of Residence.
  5. Bus Cancellation form available in School Diary, to be submitted to School Office and not to Bus Drivers/Conductors.
  6. Waiting list for bus service request will be maintained for those who get delayed in submitting their requests for service, but we do not guarantee to provide bus service for the same.
  7. School Bus will run only to the stops of the locality fixed by the authorities and not to individual houses / lane. No discussion / negotiation of change in stops will be entertained.
  8. Other terms and conditions please read Bus Rules in the School Diary.
  9. Existing students who wish to continue availing the bus facility may choose to pay the bus fees from 9th April 2012 onwards.
  10. A few buses may be shared across Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee International School and Rustomjee Troopers to optimise natural resources.
  11. Bus Service will not be available for areas where the number of Children is less than 10.
  12. The Student must carry the STUDENT BUS PASS, while travelling in School Bus.
  13. For any School Bus transport issue or queries, Please contact the Bus transport service provider and not the School Authority.