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Father: Mr. Raghavan T:  Academically he is a Mathematic Graduate having knowledge in many other areas too. He had answer for any question you asked. He started his career at the age of 20 in the field of building constrction and soon be a known contractor. The Prabhuram Mills, Chengannor, Shines Complex, Pandalam, Yamuna Shopping Mall, Adoor, St. Syrils College, Adoor are some of  his highlighted works. He is a well known personality in the social work and politics at my place. He spent most of his money for helping others and politics too. He was exploited by his friends for their own personal goals. He is the Alumni of N.S.S.H.S Kudassanad, N.S.S College Panddalam and S.D College Alappuzha.


He loved the peoples around him, but most of time I felt he is not a good father. To him family matters are the secondary or tertiary only give more importance to his profession and social moiety. Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi was influenced him lots of ways. He always wear the white Khadi, and love to be simple and humble. When I am remembering on him, a man in pure white khadi cloth is coming to my mind. He helped lots around him and always he was there with the helpless and needy peoples. I learned lots form him and his life. Now he left his profession and leading a simple life with my family. 


 Mother: Mrs. Sarasamma, who is a home maker. She is the youngest daughter in her family. She have two brothers and an elder sister. Her mother Mrs. Kunji, she was very hardworking and powerful lady having high levels of management skills. As she, her daughters are optimistic and very kind. I like my mother's straight forward nature and modern thinking in taking decisions. She does not follow any superstitions or orthodox practices but she is deeply believing in the God. Her bold mind and strength to lead as the head of the family makes her an ideal Indian woman. She is the only God I have seen. I use to tell she is my best gal friend.