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My mother taught me to read when I was still quite young, and at least in my memory I passed the majority of my childhood reading. In the early days of my childhood I had lived the thoughtless life of a little child; but when I was about three year old, my thoughts were turned inward and I beheld things unseen. Slowly I came out of the shadow of the experience with a mind clearer by trial and with a truer knowledge of life.


I lived with my father, mother and two siblings in a tiny house. It had one large square room and another two small rooms, so dear to me in childhood. The beginning of my life was simple and much the same as every other little life. I came, I saw, I conquered, as the young baby in the family always does. There was a usual amount of talk about a name for me. At last my mother's choice was accepted and I was called 'Prasanth' and a nick name Biju. I tried to imitate everything that I saw other people doing. I made lots of problems to my mom in child hood and everyone told that little  Biju was very naughty.


NOW!! I'm a budding scientist living in 3rd most expensive cities in the world – Seoul. I spent my childhood and college life at a small town in south western coastal area of the Indian sub-continent - Pandalam. And I was born on a rainy Sunday  evening of  Februery 22 at a place known as Venice of East – Alappuzha, India.