Stretch Beyond Boundaries 

  What I can say to you?

Someday I will write an autobiography.....but for now a small extract.......I am matrixed.....confused and cool at the same life as it comes and at times driving it as I want.....there's so much traffic in mind...too many thoughts ....can dream even when I am wide awake and can sense reality while dreaming. I am insane but still sane.... I love winning and hate loosing but most of all I love playing the game.....right guys I love to play THE GAME called LIFE...... I live every moment of it.....well that's Me for You...


"Beautiful pictures are developed by negatives in a dark room, so if you see darkness in your life, assume that god is making a beautiful picture for you in his studio...."

 I am a researcher fiddling with wonders of the world with awe, and respect, and inspired by the ability of the science and technology to change the world in little ways to make our lives better. I owe to thousands of unknown inventors, scientists politicians and many others who don't fit into any of these adjectives to live the life I have now, and trying to pay back the debt in small ways. What is more enjoyable than seeing your work helping others live better? Above all, I love my subject and strongly believe in her unlimited potential to make world a better place.