Proyecto Agua Indigena

1- Secures safe water systems to indigenous communities of Reserva Pilon (Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve & Indigenous Territory).
2- Situated where the Bolivian Amazon meets the Andes, Reserva Pilón connects to Parque Nacional Madidi (Madidi National Park), one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet.
3- Indigenous Moseten, Tsimane, Tacana and Leco residents inhabit 22 communities in the reserve.  

4- Focus on 12 villages which lack safe water. 

5- Each community goes through a process of five stages: (1) health education, (2) bio-sand filters, (3) health promoters, (4) water committee and (5) water system.  

6- Local residents provide labor and local materials while partners contribute toward other materials, transportation costs, technical assistance and training.  

7- This effort is the collaborative initiative of international organizations Amazon Fund International, Aliamos, Circle of Hearts, AguaTuya and Plastiforte.

8- The pilot project was completed in January 2011 in the Moseten village of San Luis Grande.


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Message of thanks from mayor Trini Tayo