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Poultry for all Seasons - especially Christmas

Duck! Duck! Duck!
Ducks are naturally reared, no artificial lighting to force fertility so you will have to wait for a bit for a fresh one, but we do have a few frozen ducks in the Farm shop. We can send frozen too.
Geese start breeding in early spring and we  tend to them daily then. As well as grazing on our fine pastures the geese have been fattenened on organic wheat grown in our local area .
Providence Farm is renowned for its unique commitment to poultry rearing, Pammy is River Cottage 'Chicken Whisperer'  and a regular writer for Country Smallholding Poultry magazine she also contributes to other publications on a regular basis, writing about food related issues.

Providence Farm has their own breed of ducks for meat. These Devonshire Dazzlers were developed by us to avoid the leg and back problems caused an abnormal growth rate as promoted in the industrial poultry sector. Fifth generation organic parent ducks live outdoors with access to a pond every day and reproduce only at certain times of the year.

Chicken!   Chicken! Chicken!
 All our birds live a healthy outdoor life and with less than 150 per house they can form a sensible social order reducing stress levels which in turn negates the use of allopathic medicines.
A seasonal bird, we take good care of them for nine months before they are ready to grace your Christmas table.
  • Chicken boxes are available most weeks and at £8.99/kg you will be buying a dry-plucked properly matured bird. There are 6 birds to a box.
  • Whole oven ready ducks are ready about four times each year so book yours now or mix and match with a chicken or  two.                                                                     
  • Order Goose! Goose! Goose! in September to avoid the Christmas rush.
Duck and chicken also available for Christmas by Mail Order, collect from Farm Shop or Tavistock Farmer's Market on Saturday 22nd December.
There is a charge for P+P.
When they are in season, you can also try our wonderful massive duck eggs, they travel well, carefully wrapped.

We only take payment details by phone, it's safer for both of us.    
Call us on 01409 254 421