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Providence Community Fellowship is a small Reformed Church in the Hampton Roads area located in Newport News.   We strive to be a loving community of Christian believers, whose worship of God is demonstrated through lives that present living proof of a loving God to a watching world. As a community, we are desiring to follow God's will in all things while living out our faith through worship, teaching, ministry opportunities, and missions, all of which we hope will bring about spiritual growth in each believer.



We believe Providence to be the beneficent (act of kindness) outworking of God's sovereignty whereby all events are directed and arranged in order to bring about those purposes of His glory and good for which all things have been made. We at PCF believe and rest completely in a Creator God who indeed Sovereignly works the all of everything as He alone decides and designs for His own glory and praise.


We believe the idea of community is very important as seen demonstrated in the local church. This idea is developed in many ways, especially through how much we have in common as believers.
We learn the need to encourage and help one another, while remaining focused on Christ as we do so. Having an appreciation for the community that reaches beyond the parameters of our building, we desire to be a faithful witness to God's holiness and love to those around us wherever we go and especially to those located in our church's neighborhood.


We believe true fellowship finds it's origin in Jesus Christ. It can be expressed in our individual lives by spending time together,which is of eternal value. Fellowship finds expressions in a Christ centered conversation, encouraging words and even regularly sharing meals together. Fellowship doesn't just happen, it's intentionally encouraged.