Donate Money
Every little bit makes big difference. Do you realize that $250 will cover the expense of trash disposal and bags for AN ENTIRE YEAR?!  Proud of our Parks has negotiated reduced rates with local disposal companies and a box of bags from a warehouse club like Costco is under $20. Donations can be as large or small - 25 people donate $10 bucks and you've got cans back in another park!

To donate click here. This will take you to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation who is the fund administrator for Proud of our Parks.

Donate Trash Bags
Next time you're out, pickup a box or two of 45 gallon heavy duty trash bags. If you want to donate them to a specific park you can go to the map, find your park, click on the pin and if it's been adopted the contact information for the Proud of our Parks Steward should be there. If not, send us an email and we'll arrange to have them picked up. (we're hoping to eventually have drop-off sites around the city)
Sponsor a Park
Many parks have volunteers ready and willing to step-up and pitch-in to empty trash cans every week - but they have no means of disposing of the trash. Some incur the expense themselves, but other parks will go without trash cans this year simply because they didn't have the money to pay for disposal.

Don't let this happen. Businesses, civic groups, neighborhoods and individuals can sponsor an entire park for $250. Proud of our Parks is working closely with the city of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services to produce signs that will promote your generous sponsorship. To sponsor fill out the form on the home page and designate that you want to sponsor, send us an email or give us a call at                             (719) 329-9271         (719) 329-9271                       (719) 329-9271         (719) 329-9271.
Donate Your Time - Join a "Can Clan"
This initiative is working because of the the time and attention given by caring citizens like you. If your park needs trash cans back you can be the steward for the park or simply volunteer on a can-clan team to tend to the trash periodically. Contact us and we'll help you get started join an existing team.
In-kind Services and Operational Donations
Proud of our Parks is a citizen driven community initiative. We're looking for help:

 »  Grand P.o.o.P. Ba's - Folks to help with planning, creation, coordination, communication...

 »  Web Gurus

 » Print Shop/Copy Services

 » Sign/Banner Producer

 » Screenprinter/Embroidery Company

 » PR & marketing Services

 » Restaurants to participate in promotional events, supply community meetings

 » Business gift cards to offer to sponsors

 » ???