About Us

One sunny day in February Steve Immel was walking his dog, Timber, in Judge Lunt Park - one of Colorado Springs fine neighborhood parks. Timber did his business and Steve bagged the goods and headed for the nearest trash can. But there was no trash can. A quick 360 revealed that ALL the trash cans were gone.
"Of course", he thought. He'd seen the newspaper articles warning that this was about to happen. "This can't be THAT hard to fix" he said to Timber - and Timber agreed with a wag of his tongue and prance in the air.
The idea was to return trash cans to city parks in exchange for promotional signage for disposal companies or businesses that would read something like, "Proud of our Parks - Trash Collection Sponored By Trash Management".
So Steve wrote an email to Springs Parks & Rec that night and contacted his city councilman. Both swiftly replied with full support. Steve then contacted some acquaintances from local nonprofits and quickly got their support. Within days there was a buzz about this effort and even the media was calling wanting to put the effort in the spotlight.
The idea has now turned into a full-fledged initiative with involvement from regional associations, organizations and non-profits. The bottom line is that regardless of your views on local politics, politicians or policies - we are where we are and this is a great collaboration among city & community & commerce to do what we can to make the best of it.
Steve Immel