Proud Ear's Rabbitry is located in CNY and is managed by Emily Meagher with help from James Meagher. We have raised Hollands since 1991. 

Site updated- 12-21-2011

Top show Holland Lops

Best Display Holland Lop National 2011


Proud Ear's Kai- 2nd SSB

Proud Ear's Dixie- 4th SSD and 1st SSD day after nat show

Proud Ear's Meryl 8th SSD

Proud Ear's Zest 8th SJD

Proud Ear's Maximillan 3rd BSB

Proud Ear's Ne-yo 5th BSB

Proud Ear's Jo Jo 10th BJD

also Proud Ear's Sashu owned by Judy Macheyne was 7th BSB


2011 ARBA Convention Results

Proud Ear's Ceasar- 5th SSB

Proud Ear's Nixon- 10th SSB

Proud Ear's Chaz- 4th SJB

Proud Ear's Madge- 11th SJD

also congrats to Judy Maccheyne

1st BJD and BOSG broken with Mac's Honey- sired by Proud Ear's Sashu from Camelot's Hannah




Proud Ear's Ceasar- BEST IN SHOW show A BEST RESERVE IN SHOW show B

Morrisville NY, NCRBA 09172011

5 Th SSB 2011 ARBA convention




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