I started this page to share some of the interesting
and weird things I seen and done.

If the updates are sporadic its because my nature of going from one thing
to an another.
ATV Experiment. Fun, but needed better steel.
 2 Wheeled robot test bed. 24v motors made hard to test with standard a R/C receiver.
 Homemade 12 volt Genie I built for charging or start boost. Still needs a auto-shutoff for the field coil.
My old antenna farm in Dallas.Not quite DC to light. Or as I called it "Lightning magnet". I really need a workshop. brr
 Front coming in.

 Don't box with God. Sometimes being the meanest isn't always being the best.   As a kid when I saw Pegasus I was home. I got the chance to take this picture because a microwave engineer let me tag along.
 Lets see how much can I stuff in here.

Emerald street races in Dallas.
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