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Joshua D. Johnson

         I have completed a lot of projects over the years, A few of them are pictured or described below. I currently have a large studio at the Viking Mills Arts building in Center City Philadelphia, PA and am available for consultation or a chat. I believe that most things should be relatively free and open source so long as the freeness is not abused and a person can make a living.

I made this Breakfront Mantle and two (unpictured) shelf units.

The suspension assembly (Green) for this Carnegie Mellon helicopter mounted LADAR unit was built by Mark Goerlach and myself on a late night.

 The first few parts for the Piasecki WBBL "Turais" and a lot of blocks were machined by me.

This is an Aquaponics Setup I designed for a group here in Philadelphia. . 

I designed this organic soil processing facility for a developer in Spring City, PA

            As a teenager I also helped with underground "shelter systems", worked all summer for a family friend building a straw bale house, set up a hand peeled log furniture company and peeled thousands of poles for everything from Bureaus to spindles, backsplats and more.
            Later I worked at a Furniture factory as a CAD and CNC Router operator. I have also worked in an architectural detail factory as a moldmaker, lay-up technician and general laborer, This company also pioneered the reproduction of fossils and antique building details. I worked one summer as a Piano Tuner, the next summer in Canada as a trout farm laborer and finally on a mountainside farm operating agricultural caterpillar tractors and cleaning up wrecked aircraft, cars and other equipment. 
            My first job in Philadelphia was as a crane operator for a Monolithic dome company, I decided to stay after the job was over and got a job operating heavy equipment for an Architectural antiques company dismantling old buildings on the east coast. I went off on my own for quite a while designing and building period architectural pieces. I was offered a job at a Local Aircraft company where I managed the facilities full time but worked on company projects ( some listed above ) as well as personal projects. I have built parts for numerous flying aircraft as well as many static displays including those in the American Helicopter Museum and the The Intrepid museum in NYC.

My resume is below for your perusal. Please call or email with any interest.


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