Welcome! You have found THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE of PROTECTION. One thing to remember, We are not an organization that teaches sport karate, or a fancy style. We are here to teach street proven combat techniques, when you need to protect you or your families life.

 Our instructors have taken anti-terrorist training courses and hold certified black belts in a variety of martial arts and karate styles. Our international conferences cover every topic on self protection you can imagine, giving you, family members, and colleagues, the skills required to survive.

We may sound serious (and we are,) however we believe that people learn best when they are having fun. This has proven to be the case in all our classes, as we not only make it educational, but presented in a way that you can enjoy the good feeling of new skills earned and achieved. Please enjoy yourself as you surf our site and we hope you learn something new!

Dr. Nathaniel Chism  posing in a combat stance.