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Petition results

Thank you!

To all volunteers:

Thank you so much for all your hard work! The Fremont City Clerk's office conducted a raw count prior to delivering it to the registrar and concluded that there were 10,634 signatures. The required number of signatures to move forward in the process was 9,366 so 1,268 more signatures or 114% of the minimum required were submitted.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of your achievement we created a map of addresses of people who signed (no names, just a location with 1 or more signatures). Check it out (click on the image to enlarge):
Awesome job!
Our petition had 9,969 signatures validated as registered voters in Fremont and was ADOPTED into law in Fremont on 7/17/2012.  THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING PART OF THE TEAM THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN!   Open space areas in Fremont under private ownership now have extra measures in place which will protect them from development and preserve them for future generations.