On July 17, 2012 the Fremont City Council voted to ADOPT the initiative as written with a 3-2 vote.   Anu Natarajan, Dominic Dutra and Gus Morrison all voted to ADOPT the initiative while Sue Chan and Bill Harrison voted to not adopt it (which would have placed it on the ballot in November).
Having the initiative adopted is a major victory for open space preservation advocates.   Now in Fremont all open space areas over 2 acres which are privately owned will not be able to be changed to another use without a vote of the people or a unanimous 5-0 vote by city council that a legal "taking" will occur if it is not changed.
On July 10, 2012 the Registrar of Voters certified the petition and it qualified for being placed on the November ballot.    The Registrar determined that it contained 9,969 valid signatures of qualified registered voters in the City of Fremont based on a line-by-line examination.   9,366 were required so 106% of the minimum requirement was met.   
Thank you to everyone who played any part in this historic achievement!  Fremont voters have made a real statement about how much open space and its protection means to them.
Protect Fremont Open Space is a grassroots organization—a group of over 600 long-term Fremont residents from across the city who have joined together to ensure Fremont open space remains protected from development.

With the limited amount of land available for new housing developments in Fremont developers have purchased acres of land that are currently dedicated by law as open space, but are owned privately. Currently some areas of dedicated open space are under reconsideration by the city to allow the developer to build housing on these sites. 

There are over 608 acres of privately owned, publicly accessible open space in Fremont. Currently it would take just three votes from the City Council to change the zoning designation on any of those areas of land. Once the first development is allowed it won’t be long before the remaining acres are sold for development.

To protect these areas of open space in Fremont we are circulating a petition to place a measure on the November ballot. The proposed measure, if approved by voters, will ensure land zoned and designated as open space but owned privately will remain open space unless a change is approved by voters. The initiative will require voter approval for development projects proposed for property zoned as private open space