What is Pro Synergy?

Pro Synergy is a player run service corporation within the sandbox universe of the EVE-Online MMO.  We pride ourselves in presenting pilots new to EVE with an opportunity to work as professional Salvagers with highest income and minimal investment.  We accomplish this by providing looting and salvaging services to mission runners and NPC hunters throughout New Eden. 

Pro Synergy Goals

Almost everything in EVE requires ISK, the in-game currency, which is often hard to come by for those who are just starting out.  Pro Synergy was founded with the goal of alleviating some of the barriers that new players encounter by providing them with a fun, easy and fast way to earn ISK and connecting them with other experienced players.  The salvaging business is our own little sandcastle within this magnificent sandbox, which allows us to increase the incomes of both our members and customers alike.
Other goals include:
  • Reducing lag by cleaning up space of floating wrecks.
  • Reforming much hated Ninjas into beloved salvagers.
  • Providing alternative ways of earning ISK as Salvagers, Mission Runners, Administrators and Directors.
  • Create a community where new and old players can meet and communicate.
  • Expand our area of coverage from high sec to null sec.

How does it work?

The method is simple.
  • Mission runners contract locations of their abandoned mission wrecks to Pro Synergy.
  • Our salvagers accept the contracts, clean up the mission sites and drop off the loot at their designated corp office.
  • Google Spreadsheets are used to track the amount and value of the missions that were contracted and completed.
  • The Administrators process all the loot and pay everyone once a week.
  • The split is 45/45/10.
For more details see The Process page.