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Streetwalkers are the most commonly thought of type of prostitute when discussing prostitution.  They are depicted in movies as scantly dressed, drug addicts whose attractiveness is usually overpowered by her visibly worn down attitude from harsh times on the street.  Hollywood is not too far off on their depiction of street level prostitutes.  The Social Context of Female Street Hustling”, which is Chapter 2 of the book Street Women by Eleanor Miller, dives deep into actual experiences of street level prostitutes.  The information Miller’s interviews with prostitutes in Milwaukee show that prostitutes who solicit sex on the streets are more often than not addicted to drugs.  Their drug addictions can perpetuate the need for quick cash, increasing the chances of prostitutes to wind up on the street, time and time again.  Street prostitutes are at the opposite end of the spectrum as compared to call girls.  Often times, streetwalkers are uneducated, addicted to drugs, and stand at high risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.  Because they solicit customers in the streets, they are likely to be seen and arrested by the police.  Though they are likely to commit crime, streetwalkers are also likely to fall victim to it.  Streetwalkers are at higher risks from beatings, rape, and even murder.