Risks Associated with Prostitution

Substance AbuseOne study estimated that nearly seven in ten prostitutes were drug addicts (Flowers 61).  Lower class prostitutes often enter to pay for their drug habit whereas upper class prostitutes often develop drug addictions after entering prostitution. 

Physical and emotional abuse from customers and/or pimps
Another study reported that 90% of the female prostitutes had been sexually molested at some point in their lives (Flowers 63).  They may be beaten or raped by customers and pimps.
Health risks-  The majority of female prostitutes become HIV/AIDS infected by having sexual relations with customers and being IV drug users (Flowers 30).  They are also subject to other sexually transmitted infections and health problems which can be fatal.

Death-  The Justice Department reported that the rate of mortality for female prostitutes is 40 times the national average ( Flowers 64)