You can attract prosperity into your life!
Take the Nine-Minute Miracle Challenge

Creating a Prosperity-Filled World

92% of people who have taken the Nine-Minute Miracle Challenge have had miracles happen. I don't know what your miracle will be.
I do know when you take nine minutes each day to complete the challenge you will see at least one miracle in your life. Look for a shift.
Others will explain it away as luck or coincidence, and you will know better.
This challenge gives you a quick taste of how what I am teaching is true.
When you take this challenge you will attract material opportunities and blessings. Your relationships will deepen.
You will begin to have peace no matter what is happening around you.
After 10-14 days you will see results. Complete the challenge to make miracles a permanent habit!
You will find what you thought were miracles are really your consistently, purposefully manifested reality!
Step 0. Begin the challenge by getting a small spiral notebook that is easy to carry with you all day.

Step 1. On page one of your notebook, rate your level of prosperity in each of six categories from 1 to 10, 1 being nonexistent, 10 being Prosperity-filled:








Define the categories by what they mean in your unique life. Use your Prosperity Plumb Bob to get to the heart of what a 10 looks like to you in each category and write it down. (See the side bar entitled Your Prosperity Plumb Bob and the last video in the strip on www.AmericasMindsetMechanic.com to learn more.)


Step 2. Start each day by taking three minutes to write down eight things you love and eight things you appreciate. Sometimes the same thing may fall into both categories. Often what we love and what we appreciate are different. For example, we may love puppies and appreciate it when they are house trained.

Step 3. At mid-day, take three minutes and write down eight new things you love and eight new things you appreciate. If you're having trouble finding new things to list, get more specific. Instead of saying you love the birds in your backyard, you could name them: cardinals, blue birds, robins, wrens, ... And if you appreciate being clean, you probably appreciate clean running water, an indoor shower, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, ...

Step 4. End each day by taking three minutes and writing down eight new things you love and eight new things you appreciate.

Take notes about what happened in your day and how you felt.

Step 5. At the end of 28 consecutive days of following the steps, rank your level of Prosperity in each of the six categories again. Write in your notebook about the Prosperity that entered your world during the challenge. How do you feel now? What opportunities have opened to you?


If you miss a day, begin your 28-days again.


In this challenge you are engaging and integrating your body, mind and soul to attract and keep prosperity in your life. You are engaging your body when you write, your mind when you think of what you appreciate, and your soul when you think of what you love.


The symbol for this challenge is your smile. It's free! There is nothing to buy. There is no bracelet or lapel pin to let others know you're taking this challenge. Just smile for 28 days. When people ask you why you are so happy, suggest that they take the challenge and send them to this website.


Take this challenge with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your church, your book club, your organizations, ...


Send me an e-mail at Julie@AmericasMindsetMechanic.com to tell me about your Nine-Minute Miracle Challenge experience! I want to share it with the world on this website.


Here's to your prosperity-filled world!


Julie Rahm

America's Mindset Mechanic



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