Racing Rules for Racers

Ski Racing Rules:
  • These are the basic rules racers should know
  • For all of the EMBWL rules please go to Information Downloads and click
           EMBWL Competition Guide
  • For Gate passage rules go to Information Downloads and check out PHST practice book and Slalom diagrams & video

Rules for Racers

1.      All racers should be wearing approved helmets.  Hard shell covering the ears in all GS

2.      Inspection must be done by side slipping along the side of the course. Absolutely no skiing  parallel, snowplowing or skiing through any gates.  Racers should be inspecting with their coach. 

3.      Be on Time for your start.  Numbered order for first run.  Reverse numbered order for second run. Girls then Boys.  Late starters will be placed in line by the start referee.

4.      Everyone will get a second run no matter the outcome of the first run

5.      NO HIKING if you miss a gate on a GS course. = DNF Disqualified.  If you fall in the line of the course and not miss a gate you may get up and continue down the course.

6.      If you miss a gate during a SL course and can safely & quickly hike around the pole (circle) the gate missed  and continue down the course to the finish.  The gate judge will not speak to you.

7.      If a racer loses a ski during the run except for the last 3 gates the racer must quickly move out of the course and collect their equipment.  DNF= Did not Finish.  If the racer loses a ski two gates plus the finish  they may continue on one ski through the finish. 

8.      The oncoming racer has the right-of-way to the course. If a racer who has stopped in the race course and causes interference to the oncoming racer or has passed by the oncoming racer, or has been passed by an oncoming racer may not continue on the course and hall receive a DNF for the run.  Finishing the course indicates you were not distracted or interfered with.

9.      A racer who has been interfered with perhaps by a racer, pole, object in the course, a gate down in the line of the course MUST IMMEDIATELY SKI OUT of the course at  the interference spot.  Tell the gatekeeper and then ski down to the FINISH LINE REFEREE and explain the interferences and ask for a Provisional Run.  Then the racer must tell the nearest PHST Caach after they speak to Finish Line Referee. A Provisional run does not mean it will count.

10.    Racer reports to the start for their provisional run. Racer can start when they are ready.

11.    Racers always stop after the finish line and speak with a PHST coach