Race Day Info

Bradford Race Day Information

7:45             Arrive

8:00-8:45    Bib Registration  (Located in their race hut, long building to right of the lodge)

                    Purchase your lift ticket (no discounts offered this year)

8:30            Course Inspection- Meet by the big tree out in front of the lodge

9:00/9:15     Race Start

One course for U8    One course for all other racers.  This will take a bit longer but the racers have more time to free ski with each other

All racers and age groups will have 1 run before they start the second run

U-10-U19 There will be a short break in between runs.  The U8 group has their second run immediately following their first run

No terrain park until both runs are taken

Remember to have racers place their skis in the ski rack

Be on Time and Good Luck

Nashoba Valley Race Day Information


When you arrive at 7:30am

  Put your gear in the main lodge

  Get your BIB (facing the main hill the race shack is to the far left (a small shack standing by itself) to the left of the two chairlifts in the front.

  Attached is the seed list (you will find your racer's bib number)(It will also be posted in the race shack)

  Inside shack get in the line for your child's age group. Tell them your name and bib number

  Go get your gear on

  Get your lift ticket --wait in the ticket line. If you have not picked up your discounted coupon that you purchased please see PHST Member inside the lodge by the window near the entrance.

  Your child should be getting ready or waiting

  8:10 Meet out in front of the main lodge

  Your age group will be called to meet with your coach for  Course Inspection

  No free runs even if the lift opens.  You do not want to miss course inspection

  9:15 Race will begin

  All U-8 will get one practice run plus 2 race runs.  Girls first then Boys no break in-between runs

  All others racers U-10 & Up will slowly side slip the course hearing instructions from their coaches.

  Racers are not allowed to ski any gates before their race.

  Your coach will let you know which course you are racing so BE ON TIME for course inspection

  Each racer will get 2 race runs.  There will be a short break between the 1st & 2nd run so gate keepers can change.

  Top 10 ribbons will be awarded to each age group & gender

  All U-8 racers will receive a participant ribbon

See me if you have any questions


Roni Sue                     Brian

617 512-2549           617 875-7179

Blue Hills Race Day Information

Below is a typical schedule for a home race. 

Timing will be different for the evening race.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the race or Blue Hills Ski Area please address them with       Roni Sue or Brian Bower 

$20 CASH for evening lift ticket.  Purchased at the Bib registration area 

Prospect Hill vs Nashoba Valley     January 17, 2015      Evening GS Race

Race Start Time 6:15pm


   Parking will be hectic, as Holiday skiers will be leaving area at 5:00pm.  Parking attendants will direct you to spots that open up and there is a free shuttle from parking lots 2 & 3

   Blue Hills offers a variety of food in the lodge.  You may also bring your own lunch. The lodge is very small. Food/Team Tents are not permitted inside or outside of the lodge. Please be sure to clean up after yourselves so the next family can sit.  It should be a nice evening.  Blue Hills has picnic tables outside on the deck.

Registration (Bib pick up) Lift Ticket Purchase

   Registration will open at 4:45-6:00pm.   

   You will able to pick up your bib right on the patio outside of the lodge.  Tables will be set up. There will be different lines.  Look for your child's age group.  Give them your name and they will hand you your child's bib.  If you are picking up bibs for more than one child please do not mix up the numbers. Each child is assigned a specific number.

   Bibs can be worn under or over your jacket but must be seen (front & back) when racing on course.

   Please try to keep the bibs clean.  Please take off when eating or drinking hot chocolate and please do not use any type of tape on the bibs.  Thank you

   If you have a season pass you will be all set. Please remember that it must be on your child at ALL TIMES.

    The cost of the lift ticket is $20 Cash is the faster and easiest These can be purchased on the patio beside the bib registration.  Suggestion place lift ticket on your goggles.  Lift tickets must be worn at all times.

   The hill is open to the Public too.  Big Blue will be closed to the general public

   Big Blue will not open until course inspection.  If your child is taking a warm-up run it will have to be on the side trail, Patriots Path. Remember when free skiing, SKI IN CONTROL Do not miss course inspection with your coach

   Skis and poles CANNOT be left lying on the ground in front of our lodge. It is a safety hazard for others skiing down the hill and across to the lift. Please have skiers lean their equipment against the ski racks.


   Course Inspection:

   Course set will begin at 5:00pm

   Inspection Begins at 5:45pm No Shadowing or linking turns in the course during inspection.

   All U8 racers will have a practice run on their course. 

   U10 & U16/U18 racers will be on RED COURSE .  U12-U14 racers will be on BLUE COURSE (closest to the lift)

   U10 & U12 racers should inspect the course with their coaches FIRST

   All U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 racers will need to inspect their course with their coach.  Racers are not allowed to ski the course before the race begins.  Coaches will slid down the course with each age group and discuss how to race the course in the fastest way.

   The main hill BIG BLUE will be closed to everyone except for those who are actually on course racing. When U8 racers head down to the start they will have to remain there until they start. Racers must ski on the side trail Patriot's Place in-between their runs.  Please remind them to check in with their coaches and at the start so they can be aware of which age group is racing.


   5:45pm  ALL Gate Keepers meeting at each finish area.

   6:15pm Start Time. The course will be a Giant Slalom

   The lift line will be long.  RACERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SKI SCHOOL LINE.  Make sure your racers allow themselves lift line time.

   U8 will begin on their own course Girls first, then boys.  a 2nd run will begin immediately in reverse number order..

   DSQs will be posted on the glass window on the patio side of the lodge.

   There will be a 10 min break once DSQs are posted

   NO reset unless there are safety concerns. The second run will begin in reverse number order

   If a racer misses a gate in their first run they will be disqualified (DSQ) they will be allowed a second run and should take it for the training and because it is timed.

   If you are late for your start you will be placed at the end of the seed, age group (rules)

   If a racer is interfered with while racing in the course they should ski out immediately and go to the bottom of the finish area and look for the finish line referee to tell them what happened.  Remember any reruns are provisional.


   Racers free skiing will need to ski on Patriot's Path.  Please remember the Skiers Responsibility Code and SKI IN CONTROL  Pay attention to the group racing on the course so you will be on time for your run.


   Ribbons for all racers will be awarded.  U8 ribbons will be awarded earlier than the rest of the racers.  Participant ribbons are given to all U8 racers only.  Places 1-10 will be given in each of the other age groups and gender for U10-U18

Sorry for the long email.  Please pass along the information to your families and coaches.


Roni Sue & Brian