Equipment Guidelines

Check out the Team Handbook for more specific information regarding equipment.  Also see the EMBWL Competition Guide as well

All racers must wear a helmet with the hard shell around the ears.  Check out the picture on the home page.

It is best to order a hard shell helmet on line.  These helmets are not always easy to find.  YOu should try on sizes of any helmet at a ski shop and then order the helmet you need on line.

If you will be racing USSA, Piche Qualifier this year and are a U14 please speak contact Roni Sue or John Day regarding GS ski equipment requirements.  These equipment rules must be followed in order to race USSA (different from EMBWL & PHST)
You will also need for USSA, Piche Qualifier an FIS approved helmet

To post an item for sale, please contact the league at:

Ski Items for Sale for the 2011/2012 Season

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