Boot Fitting

Whether its ski, snowboard, or telemark boots, The Pro fits them all! Keith Holmquist, co-owner and head boot fitter, has over 40 years of experience in the ski industry. He has been a boot tester for SKI Magazine and certified by Masterfit University. He has passed his knowledge down to boot fitters that have worked with him over the years.

Keith and our other boot fitters will assist you whether you are looking to purchase new boots or your current boots need adjustments. Boots bought at The Pro include boot fitting and initial adjustments at no additional charge as part of our "Perfect Fit Guarantee"*. The Pro Ski and Ride can fit boots bought elsewhere, new and used, for an additional charge. Click here for more information on outside boot fitting packages.

A typical boot fitting lasts between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Length of a boot fitting depends on how many boots are tried on and the extent of the work needed on the boots. A typical new boot fitting includes:

  • Sizing - We take into account length, width, and instep when sizing feet. We size boots with anticipation of the boot breaking in after a few days of skiing.

  • Trying different models - It is best to compare different models from manufacturers when purchasing boots.

  • Heat molding (Thermofit) - Most boots sold today have heat moldable liners to customize the fit. Many boots also have the ability for the shell to be molded with the liner.

  • Identification of hot spots - Molding the boots solves most issues, however, some minor problem areas may still persist.

    • Liner adjustment - We first work on the liner. The Pro has multiple tools to stretch the liner to accommodate the foot in problem areas.

    • Shell adjustment - If problems persist, The Pro has the means to punch or grind the plastic shell in targeted areas.

  • Stance alignment - Many boots have canting adjustment which allows for a fitter to center the cuff of the boot.

  • Binding to boot adjustment - The bindings must be adjusted to the new boots.

Custom ski and snowboard foot beds are also made at The Pro Ski and Ride. Custom foot beds and orthotics correct skiers stances from the feet up allowing them to have a more secure fit in a boot and increased comfort and control. For more information on custom foot beds and orthotics visit: Custom Foot Beds/ Orthotics

The Pro Ski and Ride carries Intuition liners. Intuition liners can be added to a new boot to increase comfort and control or to an old boot to make it feel like new. The Pro's boot fitters are knowledgeable about these liners and posses the equipment to necessary to install and mold Intuition liners for any discipline. Please call ahead to check if your size is in stock.

If you suffer from cold feet while skiing, we sell and install Hotronic Foot Warmers to ski and snowboard boots. The Pro also has Hotronic Heated Socks available for purchase.

"When it absolutely has to be the Perfect Fit."

*Some exceptions apply